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Nov 18, 2008 08:04 AM

Fountain sodas vs. canned - which do you prefer

I'm a diet coke drinker and I prefer a fountain soda WAY more than canned. Not sure why (and I've never done a blind taste test to see if this is all in my mind). The fountain soda seems a bit less fizzy and to have more coke syrup flavor. Anyone else?

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  1. The only soft drink I really like is TAB- difficule to find, but one local supermarket does caryy it. I only like it ice cold from the can. Must be the mix of metal and chemical sweeteners that I like!!

    1. I'm a Diet Coke drinker too. With the ready availability of plastic bottles in all sizes now, I much MUCH prefer the bottle to drinking out of a can.

      I like fountain drinks too, but I think that has more to do with having it in a cup over ice and through a straw. They are different experiences.

      1. Coke in a can, please. I'll take a glass bottle, too, but if it's fountain or a plastic bottle, I'll drink something else. I think the carbonation has a different flavor/feeling from a can, and it doesn't taste right otherwise.

        If it's fountain, I'll usually get sprite, lemonade or root beer.

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          I agree, Coke in a can is best, followed by the glass bottles. However, I'll still drink it from the fountain or plastic, I'll just look around to make sure there's no other choice.

        2. My first choice is always a can, followed by a bottle, fountain drinks are last on the list. I'm a Diet Coke junkie, and can tell the difference between the various containers and between fountain versions for different restaurants (I swear McD's has a different formula!). My DC drinking friends thing I'm nuts, but I also prefer is at room temperature. I like the burning sensation in my nose/throat from the room temp carbonation, it's one of several food preferences I learned from my grandfather.

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            My DH prefers his Coke at room temperature too. I don't drink soda, so I don't care, but when we are having guests over, we always have to remember to move some of his Coke into the fridge.

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              McD's isn't a different formula, but they have Coca Cola tech maintain their fountains so the product is consistance.

            2. A debate which has burned between the wife and I for perhaps 23 years.
              I think a few variables are involved.
              The fountain experience is not exact - the tech measures out the ratio between syrup and carbonated water which 'ensures' a consistent product from fountain to fountain.
              But...... sometimes the valves go out of whack (too much or not enough syrup or carbonated water), sometimes the CO2 goes low, sometimes the wrong syrup is put into the line (it can be changed back, but some syrups will ruin the line forever), sometimes the water quality varies, sometimes the syrup is getting long in the tooth, etc etc.
              That being said, some places have fountain drinks that I CRAVE and love over any bottle or can. Other places are OK, and others (a movie theater comes to mind, where after 4 complaints, their diet coke still has a mediciney flavor) plain suck.

              When done well, I prefer fountain over can. If I am concerned about consistency, I'll take the can (I'd actually prefer the bottle, but thats another story).
              Have you tried coke in a glass bottle from Mexico? WOW.