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Nov 18, 2008 07:50 AM

Prime Rib in Northern Virginia

Does anyone know of a decent and somewhat inexpensive place to have prime rib? My husband and I loved going to The New Orlean's House before their food took a turn for the worse and before it closed. We aren't looking for a fancy place like The Prime Rib, just somewhere with decent prices where we can satisfy our prime rib cravings. Thanks!

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  1. Overwood in Old Town has Thurs. nite Prime Rib special.

    1. Sweetwater does a good version.

      1. Surprisingly enough, Outback Steakhouse does a quite creditable prime rib for very little money.

        1. A friend of mine really enjoys the prime rib at P J Skidoos in Fairfax. It's on the menu there every day and it's definitely a casual and affordable place. (Haven't had the prime rib myself, as it isn't something I often order. But I find the food there generally pretty good for the price.)

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            I had the prime rib at PJ Skidoo, and it was Meh. Arties does a nice prime rib on the bone.

          2. JR Stockyard in Tysons is similar to Orleans House. No salad bar though. Give it a try.