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Nov 18, 2008 07:03 AM

Maui Reservations

Hi all - I am coming to Maui at the end of December for 12 days. How far in advance should I be making our dinner reservations? If we wait until we are there will all the good restaurants be totally booked? Thanks.

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  1. When I go in May, we usually only need one or two days. However, if you are going during the holiday season, it will probably be more busy and you may want to call several days to a week in advance.

    1. Depends on where you are going and how flexible you are on time. We have been going over the holidays for the last 10 years and have found the need to book earlier each year. For the most popular spots and times I do it a week or two in advance.

      1. We are going the last week in December and have already booked reservations for six of the seven nights we are going to be there. Two restaurants (Spago and Lahaina Grill ) are already booked in the peak time periods (6:00-8:30) periods for the nights we are going I found out later. I would go ahead and book your times, you can always cancel.

        1. I'm heading over for mid-Dec, and am making all reservations now. Normally, I'm about a month out, but had to work out some schedules with friends joining us from O`ahu.

          Now, I have heard conflicting reports on the level of tourism in the Islands. I do know that many travel entities are contacting me with reduced fares and rates. There might not be that much traffic. OTOH, if these promos work, there might well be more than normal. Who knows?

          Still, for fine-dining, I like to have it all handled 4-6 weeks out and be done with it. I can also give my house-sitter the phone number, times, etc. of all of our evening meals.

          I'll try to get a quick report posted, as soon as I return. Do not know if I'll make it up in time for your trip, or if my reviews are of any help.