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Nov 18, 2008 07:02 AM

Need recipes for "Cordially Yours" liqueur maker (Donivier)

It's been a while since I used my Cordially Yours liqueur maker, and I've managed to lose the recipe booklet. If anyone out there has one, could you post a few recipes from it? I particularly liked an orange liqueur recipe in the book--other fruit-based recipes would be great too. If I could just see a few recipes, I could probably figure out proportions (sugar/fruit/alcohol) and processing time for other types of liqueurs. Since processing time on the machine goes from 3 hours to 23 hours, I don't want to guess wrong.

Thank you! No one seems to have this product any more. I've googled, searched ebay, and even written the manufacturer, who says the product is too old for anyone to still have the instruction book.

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  1. 1/3 cup orange Zest
    1 Cup sugar
    4 cups cognac or brandy
    Place zest in inner pot. In a pitcher, combine sugar and congnac. Stir until sugar is dessolved. Pour into inner pot. Set timer for 8 Hours.

    1. Funny. I just dug out my Cordially Yours that I bought in the 80s for the first time in...well...decades. I am planning to make some Limoncello to see how it turns out. I don't have a cordially yours recipe for it but I figure I can wing it using the other recipes I have. I do have a recipe book and would be happy to scan it and email it to you. Let me know if you are interested and we can exchange email addresses.

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        I too have the same cordial maker but lost the manual...
        Could you send me a copy?

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          Do you still have the scanned recipes by any chance? I would be forever in your debt! :)

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            I just found this exchange after searching forever! My parents had one of these that I now have and they used to make wonderful cordials, but I have no idea how to use the blasted thing! Do you still possibly have the scanned pages that you could send to me too??? Do they explain how to use the cordial maker? Thanks soooo soooo much for any time you can give me : )

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              Hi Mary,
              I just acquired the Cordially Yours but unfortunately it didn't have the recipe / instruction manual with it. I know it's two years do you still have it scanned and available?

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                I love my cordially yours but alas I too have lost my recipe book. I realize this is many moons since this was posted but was wondering if you still have your book? I made the Raspberry Liquore and it is fabulous esp warm from the maker. Have made gifts using this priceless machine. Any recipes would be much appreciated. Thanks, Karen

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                  Hi Mary,
                  I know this is an old post and I am asking 6 years later, but if you have the time could you send your recipe book to me as well. I just bought a "Cordially Yours Cordial Maker Donvier Brand" from a consignment store and would love to be able to use it. I thought I would be able to find recipes online for it but I'm not having much luck. :( Thank you in advance!!! :)
                  Charlaina Labrum
         or 419 W. 26th St. Rifle, CO 81650

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                    For copies of the book see CindyHi below....

                2. hi, just bought my 2nd one off craig's list ... just by chance... two books you may want to track down are: cordials from your kitchen, by patty vargas, and homemade liqueurs , by dona meilach. what i do is use the basic recipes and adjust the "cooking " times. i also have the original book, which is limited, if you would like the basics !!! is FUN !!!! ab

                  1. Qu'est-ce que c'est this cordial maker? What does it do that you can't do by just infusing vodka or brandy?

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                      Apologies for the late reply. The cordial maker maintains a very low heat for a lot of hours, which aids in infusing the flavors (fruits, peels, herbs, whatever). Using a stovetop runs the risk of overheating and damaging the liqueur. Using this very low heat makes the flavors are a bit more intense. It also speeds the process a bit, though the finished product still needs to sit for a while. Orange brandy comes out really great.

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                        Could you replicate similar with a pot in the oven on a low temp overnight? (What temp ranges would you be talking about?)

                      2. Does anyone know where I might be able to get replacement parts? i've been using mine for years and the interior container is starting to leak. (It's been used dozens if not hundreds of times.

                        In general, recipes are 3 cups vodka, 2 cups fruit, 2 cups sugar.