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Dallas newbie needs weekend recs

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My husband and I are moving to Dallas, and we're visiting this weekend. I'm looking for recs of great neighborhood/casual places, reasonably priced and local if possible, to give us an example of restaurants we may frequent when we live there. Last time we were in Dallas, we tried Craft and Fearing's, so I feel like were good w/ the high end restaurants. If I could be so picky, we're planning on living near White Rock Lake (Lakewood, M Streets, Little Forest Hills), so recs in those neighborhoods would be very appreciated. I really appreciate any help you can give us!

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  1. White Rock Coffee is good definitely check that place out. Keller's is over there, I haven't tried it though. You could try Knox Henderson like Natsumi or Tei Tei. There's Gran Machu Picchu on NW Highway (not Garland Rd), or you could go north to Garland for good Vietnamese. I don't really know of anything in that neighborhood.

    1. This post is old but most of the places are still around except Cuquitas on Knox-Henderson

      That was me soulslinger on that original post

      1. Its about 20 minutes away but try Obzeet's (19020 Preston Rd Dallas, TX 75252). Food is very good, fun place to hang out whether you drink or not. It can get pretty busy on Friday and Saturday nights.

        19020 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX 75252

        1. Try Cubra Libre or Kellers. Maybe give El Ranchito a try (in Oak Cliff) for some fantastic Mexican!

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            Lakewood Shopping center has few choices for food unfortunately. Matt's El Rancho is okay Tex-Mex and a good "local" restaurant. There is also cheap Italian restaurants - Scalini's (for local pizza delivery) and Angelos - both restaurants get mixed reviews on the food. Pacuigo for gelato - just opened a few months ago and is right across from where the new Whole foods will be going. York Street is a must for a 'big' night out.

            Casa Linda shopping center (close to Little Forest Hills) does not really have anything to write home about except Highland Park Cafeteria (if you are into that sort of food) and Lover's Pizza which actually serves a really good pizza pie! There is a brand new place that just opened up in Little Forest Hills called Another Byte Cafe. They serve really good home cooking, coffees, desserts, etc. It's a small place back in the neighborhood.

            For the M Streets area - you are close to so much on Greenville and Knox Henderson. Greenville - The Grape and Cafe Izmir to name a few. And Henderson Ave has Cafe San Miguel (a must have on your trip). On the other side of 75 Central on Knox is Taverna, Toulousse, Cafe Madrid, La Cubanita, Sangria, and Chuy's among others.

          2. Next to White Rock Lake there is a great breakfast restaurant called Barbec's. Very neighborhoody and some of the best biscuits I have ever tried. In Lakewood your limited on the restaurants, but Matt's Ranchero in Lakewood Shopping Center is a great tex mex restaurant. The Balcony Club in Lakewood SC is a great jazz bar, perfect for couples looking for an after dinner drink.

            1. I'm in East Dallas.

              There are a number of areas around there to look at:

              Knox-Henderson - this is the same street. West of Central Expwy it's Knox and east it's Henderson. On the Knox side our faves are Cafe Madrid for tapas and Taverna for Italian. There is also Chuy's for Austin-style Tex Mex.

              On the Henderson side right after Central there are a bunch of places - our fave for casual is The Old Monk which is a bar with excellent food that specializes in Belgian beers. They just added sliders to their menu and those are decadently served 4 to a plate with welsh rarebit and caramelized onions on top and fries for $8. Easy to split and have a few beers! Go a bit further to Capitol for a new development and the Capitol Pub is wonderful with very good casual food. Keep going almost to Ross and you hit Cafe San Miguel for excellent Mexican (not Tex Mex) and Louie's for some of the best thin crust pizza in town. Louie also pours a good drink.

              On lower Greenville, we like The Grape which is bistro style food. Lots of local ingredients and a good wine list. For sushi, you can't beat Teppo, also on Greenville.

              While it's not a destination restaurant, a good local joint for basic Americanized Italian is Tony's on Northwest Highway near Ferguson. BYOB and I don't think anything on the menu is over $10. Very good pasta and pizza.

              Ali Baba just moved into the Lakewood Shopping Center. I have not eaten at that location, but they have a few other locations with excellent middle eastern food.

              And, last but not least, drive over the river to the Bishop Arts district and eat at Eno's for pizza or Bolsa for sort of bistro food and excellent sangria.