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Nov 18, 2008 06:47 AM

Chic hors d'oeuvres

I have been tasked with catering a fashion industry party providing 50 guests with 3 choices of hors d'oeuvres: meat, seafood and veg/cheese. The caveats are that I will have no oven and must provide non-fried, non-crumby sleek treats for fashionistas examining the latest trends from London. Any recommendations?

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  1. How about Vietnamese Summer rolls. They are fresh, they hold shape. Traditionally they are made with shrimp or pork or vegetarian. Can you bring a BBQ? If so, make skewer of meat and roast the little guys there. Seafood, oysters, bring on ice and pop them open for the guests as the filter in.

    Hope that helps.

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      I second the BBQ option that chilcrema suggested. Small, highly portable ones are available and take up little space outside. Meat, chicken or shrimp skewers (maybe with a bit of glazed pineapple) are tidy and scrumptious!

      Don't know if pastry puffs are considered "crumbly" but just enjoyed a delightful "mouthful" appetizer made from Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry Minis... they can be baked in advance, brought to the event, then a chilled crab dip or any other filling you like could be spooned inside before serving. Good luck, sounds like a wonderful event!

    2. Our daughter had passed hors d'oeuvres prior to the dinner following her wedding. They had small oysters on the half shell with a mignonette (?sp). They were on a platter on a bed of rock salt. She also had little bites of tuna tartare in small, Chinese soup spoons. Both were terrific and definitely non-messy. Good luck.

      1. Stuff something into endive leaves...crab salad...etc.

        marinade some small balls of mozzarella and skewer them with a really good olive and a cherry/grape tomato

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          i love the mozza/tomato skeweres, I wrap the boccocini in a basil leaf too.

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            A friend of mine serves these caprese kabobs, then drizzles them with a reduced balsamic vinegar.

            1. re: phoenikia

              I usually marinate the mozza cubes in a mix of thew following
              put basil and balsamic vinagar in a food processor and pulse till basil is minced then add olive oil and pulse again till emulsify. add salt and pepper to taste.
              let moza. sleep in this marinade over night or 2 hours min. then thread between 2 grape tomatoes.
              it is to die for

        2. I made these for a house warming, looked great and were mess free.

          Boil small new potatoes. When cool, cut in half and use a melon baller to scoop out a portion of the potato. Fill with seasoned sour cream (I used season salt, garlic, and pepper.) Top will a small dollop of caviar and a few chives.

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            You can use a sliver of smoked salmon in place of the caviar. These are one of my go-to party treats.

            1. re: lulubelle

              ooooh sounds good, but how about a sliver of salmon AND a pinch of caviar??

          2. I made devilled quail eggs for a cocktail party. They are so cute but very labour intensive. Do you have a toaster oven you could take? Beggar's purses stuffed with scallops. Mushroom caps stuffed with braised beef and drizzled with the jus and topped with horseradish cream. Again, both of these would work in a toaster oven.

            Mini pissaladieres - make the puff pastry circles ahead of time. Top with carmelized onion & anchovy mixture and top with a slice of black olive. Can all be done on site without an oven.

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            1. re: sarah galvin

              I've done devilled quail eggs stuffed with tobiko instead of a yolk filling. One could use caviar also.

              1. re: tracylee

                I also did them, sliced in half lengthwise and sprinkled with smoked sea salt - no devilling. Way easier. Maybe put a dollop of creme fraiche and roe.

                1. re: sarah galvin

                  super idea, sarah. much easier and just as tasty.

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                Hi Sarah,
                I am wondering about the braised beef in mushroom. Did you broil the mushrooms ahead of time? would it make it too soggy?