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Nov 18, 2008 06:02 AM

Quick report on New Orleans visit . . .

Just got back to Berkeley last last night from a five day/four night trip to New Orleans. Detailed reviews will follow, but I thought I'd post a quick summary now.

Best meal of the trip: Patois, hands down!

Most disappointing meal: MiLa -- but, no doubt, this was due to in part our own high expectations; the meal itself was quite good.

Most surprising meal: Commander's Palace -- but this may have been due to our own LACK of expectations.

Other meals were at Acme, Cafe du Monde (for the obligatory café au lait & beignets), Galatoire's, Herbsaint, Iris, and (don't ask) Brew-Bachers in Gonzales, Louisiana . . . .


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  1. Just had dinner last night at MiLa. I have to agree with both Jason and Bill Hunt - the meal was quite good, but not a "wow". Also, the noise level was surprising, we're not usually bothered by noise, but the restaurant was half empty and it was difficult to have a conversation until a few people near us left.

    Lunch at Acme yesterday was great, just the thing to start off our trip. Looking forward to lunch at Commander's today. Glad that I packed the loose pants!