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Nov 18, 2008 05:38 AM

Paella Burner and Stand

Hi everyone. I love making paella but I find that some pans are too big for my stove. I've been looking at purchasing a portable paella stand like the one found here. Has anyone had any experience with these? Are they stable and durable? Can I use them for anything else? Thanks for your help!

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  1. My parents have a paella burner, but without legs. Like this
    Our burner work well and can be used with any pan designed for gas, in fact these burners work with gas.
    The burner that you show has wheels, so is possible that displace while you're cooking.
    As the legs are openned, i think it's stable. 30 inches tall, 25 inches wide: is almost as tall as wide.

    I think the burner you've found is a bit expensive.
    In spanish is called 'paellero'.

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    1. re: iceman_f5

      Iceman, forgive my ignorance but where do you place the burner if it doesn't have a stand? Do you use it strictly outdoors since it requires propane gas?

      I will be in Sevilla next month. Would it be cheaper to purchase a paellero in Spain than here?

      1. re: chickster

        I think the burners are cheaper is Spain that there.
        I'm from Spain, but I live in Gandía, near of Valencia.
        Here in Spain there is gas bottles of butane. With this bottles, you can take the burner where you want.
        If you have looked the link that I've put before, you can see that the burner has three short legs, so the flames aren't near of the surface where you put the burner.
        This burner can be used in many places: on the cooking top (if it's done of steel or stone ), on the ground, on the glass ceramic,... The surface must not be done of any inflamable material.
        Is advisable to use the burner in a place ventilated because the propane or the butane consume the oxygen, and it is dangerous in small and closed places.

        I'm sure that in Sevilla you will find any burner. Just ask for 'ferreterias' (shops where tools are sold) or 'hipermercados' (large supermarket) in Sevilla. Tell them that you want to buy any 'paellero' , don't confuse with 'paellera' because it's the pan where the paella is done.