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Chicken Wings in Arlington

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I've been searching for places that will allow takeout chicken wings in Arlington. I've had Wingzone (decent) and also called Buffalo D's but was cut off twice. Are there any other places in Arlington with a good wing that will allow takeout?

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  1. Ragtime in Courthouse. Yum

    1. I think Hard Times wings are actually pretty solid.

      1. Rhodeside Grill has very good buffalo wings. Their wings with honey pepper sauce are pretty tasty too.

        1. Bungalow Billiards. If you like hot, get the 3 mile island sauce that they only serve on the side.

          1. thirsty bernies has superior wings

            1. How odd! Places that sell chicken wings don't do take-out? Admittedly, they may not travel well, but not allowing take-out? What's up with that?

              Sorry, I can't offer a suggestion. I put chicken wings in the same class as crabs - too messy and too much trouble to eat so I do it very rarely, and only with a group, for moral support. <g>

              1. galaxy hut has great wings. hard times are delicious.

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                  Not buffalo wings, but "camel wings" from Lebanese Taverna in Westover are wonderful--and hold up quite well as a carry-out dish.

                2. Just got an e-mail today from Red Hot & Blue hawking their wings, specifically for take-out. Never had 'em so I can't recommend or not, but it's another resource.