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Nov 18, 2008 05:25 AM

The Water Shoppe [moved from Ontario]

Alright, I understand it's "only water". And I can clearly appreciate the "why would you pay X-dollars for water?" stance. However, that doesn't stop me from being an absolute water whore, and this designer water store is my whore house, baby.

Do you have a favourite "designer" water? Still? Sparkling? Can you taste differences, or do you just like the gorgeous packaging (I admit to both)?

My favourites are:

Still Water -- FIJI, Evian, VOSS, Wattwiller and Iskilde
Sparkling -- Gerolsteiner, Bru, Iskilde, Bedoit and Ferrarelle

It's expensive, yes. It's also essential to life. Not the expensive stuff, of course. Ah crap.. I have no idea where I'm going with this. I drink it because I love it.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Toronto tap is my favourite water. It tastes good, and it's the environmental choice. I've never met a bottled water I liked more than it, either.

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        Toronto water was good, damned good when I lived there. Except for the summer when Lake Simcoe developed an algal bloom which made our water cloudy, discoloured and stinky.

        Kidding aside I trust municipal water far more than "for profit" water sold in permeable plastic containers that have short 'best before dates" who see rare visits from inspectors.

        Now, Bueno, I know what you're saying about the "taste" of water. There is nothing finer than a cup from a natural spring.

        Waters do have tastes and the best in Ontario are from farmers' wells in Essex/Kent. There are oil and gas deposits near the sources and sulphur is present in many of them. After you've tasted that water, anything else seems flat.

      2. If you are buying water for the gorgeous packaging, I suggest you pick up a beautiful, top of the line reusable water bottle and fill it with Brita-filtered tap water. I defy you find a commercially bottled still water - at any price - that tastes better. Plus you'll be doing yourself and the planet a favour.

        As a fizzy-water lover, I'm currently considering the purchase of a water carbonation system so that I can stop buying bottled fizzy also. Will report after I buy the unit.

        1. I drink as much tap water as the next guy, but I gotta say, the Gaia still water (it's on your site, I see) from Caledon Hills, Ontario is something else. They poured it for us during lunch at the Peller Estates Winery in Niagara this summer, and it was purest, most delicious water I've ever tasted. Even though we were getting endless refills of wine, my friend was so taken by this bottled Gaia that she eschewed it all in favour of constant glasses of water :) Anyway, it's apparently pretty much unavailable to the general public, but that's some damn good water!

          1. I like my Brita jug in the fridge, but I have shopped here and it is nice to sample some of the carbonated stuff.