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Nov 18, 2008 04:31 AM

Whatta Wings in Arlington?

Noticed this place as I was driving down Mass Ave. yesterday. It's in the old Neillio's place. Has anyone tried it out yet? Any good?

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  1. I went a few weeks ago and wasn't the best...but I'll give them another shot.

    My first mistake was getting the wings to-go...and then driving back to the Union Square-ish part of Somerville. The wings at Whatta Wing have some kind of light breading on them which is probably REALLY good eating them fresh out of the fryer...but being in a container for a 10 minute car ride wasn't the best idea. So, next time I will get the wings and eat them there. I've had better to-go experiences with Wing Works in Davis (even driving to Lexington with them in the car)...but it didn't work out well for these wings.

    The other issue I had was choice of sauce. Ever since I found out about this place...I had been dying to try the mango habanero sauce. I usually just stick to buffalo (or the honey-hot at Buff's)...but the habanero really had me fired up. Unfortunately it was a very sweet mango sauce was VERY little hint of anything hot.

    So...I'd go again but get the hot buffalo and eat them there.

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      If you want a good habenero sauce on wings, check out the Spicy Carolina wings at Bison County in Waltham. I think the sauce is made with habenero, mustard, and oj (maybe a little vinegar too?) and is a great comlement to the smoky wings.

      1. re: rknrll

        Breaded wings = bad. Tenders, maybe. Wings, no. Places like the Chicken Bone and Buff's do it better than most.