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Nov 18, 2008 04:17 AM

Houston on Christmas Eve near Galleria.

My family is will be in Houston for Christmas. Looking for an adult dinner for 5. We are staying near 59 and Shepherd. Any ideas on places open and serving dinner on Christmas eve.
Thanks for your help. We want something besides an ihop or hotel restaurant.

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  1. If I decide not to cook, we'll be eating at Back Street Cafe. One of my favorite restaurants in town! Great Lobster Sandwich, Corn Flan, Etc... Make sure to make reservations! Valet Parking only I think! Casual Dress...We wore jeans this last Sat.
    1103 S Shepherd Dr Houston, TX 77019
    Phone:713.521.2239 Fax:713.520.5724

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        BTW hungry, this is really more in the River Oaks area, not the Galleria. You could go check on and see other choices, but at this point I have no idea what would be open on Christmas Eve.

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          Here is a link to a site that has some, not many, places open on christmas eve:

          OOPS! Sorry for the duplicate post.

        2. It may be a little early for the open for Christmas lists. b4ueat has their Thanksgiving list up now but will put up Christmas listings after next Thursday probably. Your hotel is on the edge of Montrose, not River Oaks, and as close to the Med Center and the VIllage as to RIver Oaks, all closer than the Galleria. So you could search b4 for listings in all those areas but you're going to be overwhelmed with choices and not much information about who's going to be open. Some restaurants on b4 have profile pages and links to websites that would probably have holiday hours, though.

          The only places I can think of that are open are Himalaya (it was last year, anyway) - not your traditional Christmas fare but excellent. Also Katz Deli in Montrose - not all that good but better than Ihop.

          You could also determine the zip code of your hotel and enter that on b4 but unless you're in a big hurry just wait another week.

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            1. If I get everything done in time I'm thinking about going out on Christmas Eve too. I think it would be fun and festive. Google took me to, but I don't think any of the restaurants are in the 59/Shephard area, mostly Galleria, but that's not too far from 59.

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                Thanks for the help. Now it appears a larger group of us will be going for Tex-Mex on Wednesday night. Casual and early.

                Thanks again to all and Merry Christmas.