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Nov 18, 2008 03:52 AM

Odeon or Raoul's?

We're looking for a great place to take my 15 year old son for his birthday. He loves steak frites and steak au poivre, so naturally thought of Odeon and Raoul's (Balthazar was booked and he's been there before on previous birthdays). My husband and I used to eat at Odeon and Raoul's many, many years ago, but haven't been recently. Which has the better food? Or, is there another place you'd recommend. My kids used to love a place in Soho called Alma Bleu—it had a great branzino—but it has sadly closed. I walked by Savoy the other day and thought of it but have read negative blogs about the food recently. I also saw a bistro down the block from Savoy but can't remember the name and have no idea whether the food is good.

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  1. Odeon is a great local place. The steak au poivre and steak frites are great, but the scene is very much geared towards families (before 8pm) and wall street broker/local tribeca late night.
    What about a steak place? Landmarc is delicious and the cotton candy (not on the menu) is always a treat. My husband swears by the sides at The Strip House, though the decor might be a bit risque for a 15-year old.

    1. Lucien does a great filet mignon au poivre, and the vibe is younger than either Odeon or Raoul's...

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        Odeon - always great, a classic and the best part is that people of all ages eat there. Love their Seared Tuna, Goat Cheese Salad and the fact that one person can get a sandwich and the other can get a steak. The Odeon IS New York!

      2. Raouls for sure. Odeon has slipped a bit over he years.
        I would also agree with he post on Lcuien - has been my favorite steak frites for 11 years, only second to Raouls.

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          I give my vote 100% to Odeon. Its a total New York classic and it really has no particular type that dominates the place which means your 15 year old son will love it. The food has always been great for me and i would compare the steak there to some of the great steaks i ate while in Argentina..which says it all.