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Nov 18, 2008 03:15 AM

How do you clean a pizza stone?

This is driving me crazy! The other day I made a pizza, but I messed it up a little when I was sliding it off the stone! The mozz. cheese got stuck on it, and now the whole stone looks so filthy and disgusting!

Should I use Easy off?

Thank you for any help!!

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  1. Unfortunately, pizza stones will not retain their pretty looks. Other than food soils, the rest (stains/darkening) simply adds character.

    I would bake it a few hours, and brush the burnt offerings off. I would never expose my stones to even water, let alone any chemical.

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      Thanks for the advice! I feel better now! Have a great day!!!

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        So I just picked up a stone at a yard sale and "cleaned" it with Comet. Should I toss it or will putting it in the oven on self-clean rid the chemicals?

        1. re: weemaa

          I would rinse it thoroughly with water, let it air dry, and then slowly bring it up to max heat in the oven.Set the oven at 300 with the stone inside and, after the oven reaches the temp, leave it for 30 minutes. Then increase the heat to 400 and leave it for 30 minutes. Repeat at 500 and leave it for an hour. This is the process that Fibrament suggests for their new stones to slowly get rid of any excess moisture. Oh yeah, DON'T "clean" it like that ever again.

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            I have a cheap pizza stone that I've been aggressively cleaning for probably 15 years and there's no problem. These are not litters of kittens :)

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              I guess the stone manufacturers don't know what they're talking about when they tell you to not clean.

          2. re: weemaa

            Toss it and buy a new one! I just bought one for $9! The stone absorbs chemicals and soap, which is why you're not supposed to clean it with anything. The only thing you should do to clean a pizza stone is wait for it to cool and dry brush whatever's been left on top, ie. flour, toppings, etc.

            1. re: darsin45

              Agreed. Toss it. Pizza stones are porous, and will absorb a ton of the chemical that you used to clean it. If you don't want your pizza to taste like Comet for years, get a new one.

              The only cleaning a pizza stone needs is to be preheated in the oven, and have the burnt bits brushed off. A used pizza stone is a thing of beauty, all stained and darkened. I believe the interior decorator term for a well-used pizza stone is "distressed".

        2. When my Fibrament stone gets especially nasty looking, I take it out and use a stiff brush and a gentle scraping with a putty knife. NEVER use something like Easy-Off!! It doesn't get really "like new" clean but, since it's always on the bottom shelf in my oven, no one ever sees it anyway.

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            My pizza stone was MIA for several years and I recently found it about a month ago. I've made a few pizzas on it, most of which have turned out well. I read somewhere to keep your pizza stone on the bottom of the oven all the time. So that's what I've been doing, leaving it in there even when I'm baking or cooking something else in the oven (I have gas). The stone is now a very dark brown. Is this normal, or am I burning it? Should I be leaving it in the oven when I'm cooking and the heat is on?

            1. re: mschow

              I leave mine in the oven all the time. It's been in there for years. It hasn't harmed it at all.

              As others have said, you don't want to use any chemical or even soap to clean the stone. Stones are porous - you'll never get out what you've put on it. Don't even use water. Just take it out of the oven (once it's cooled - you don't want it to crack) and scrape it off. Mine has spots of differing colors of brown all over it ... doesn't mean it's bad and it works fine.

          2. oven on self clean to clean it. It will look like new. Otherwise regular high heat should burn off solids.

            Rest assured discoloration does not affect performance. And as others have said, no liquids whatsoever.

            1. Can anyone please recommend a pizza stone for a gas oven for home use? Any websites that have any recommendations? Thanks!

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              1. Other than looking spot blac/brown, it seems as if the discoloration has no adverse effect on use and may even have a slightly positive effect. Does it make a difference if I use my stone in a gas or electric oven?