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Nov 18, 2008 01:27 AM

Paulies - Closter, NJ

Just wanted to put up this small review.
I just moved to this area a few months ago & we tried Paulies Fri 11/14.

It was me, wife, in laws, 8 year old daughter & new baby.

When we arrived about 6:00 pm - place looked packed, lot was practically full - we almost didnt go in to check how long the wait was but glad we did.

Turns out there was no wait, they have a huge happy hour crowd in another area.

Lots of couples & families with kids.

The menu is really varied, you could get almost anything - all of us were happy with choices.

Service good - we all enjoyed our meals & prices were very reasonable.

Owner came over & introduced himself - very nice.

Good experience & glad to have it in our hood.

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  1. Just an update - we have been there 3 or 4 more times & food & service has been consistently great - a great addition to the neighborhood

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    1. Glad to hear the food's good. Dropped by a few weeks ago on Saturday around midnight (after barely making it out of Cornerstone alive) and there was not a soul in the place....

      On the positive side the 80s tunes were playing at the perfect volume to have a conversation. There were lots of seats at the bar. The bartender was friendly and the drinks were good and moderately priced. It is totally the bar scene I had been looking for!

      1. For months I would see the parking lot packed every night, so finally had dinner there. Probably the worst meal I ever had. The drink (a bloody mary/martini concoction) was served without the garnish (the lime is important) and was actually warm. A straight up drink served warm, I didn't know that was possible.
        Then the dinner: lobster and mussels over linguine in a "fiery" sauce. Sounds appetizing: the mussels were metallic (never a good sign). The lobster was served in its shell over a bowl of pasta in a red sauce: who invented this? It was the sloppiest meal I ever had. On top of it, the lobster was anything but fresh (you can tell by the fact I could not easily break the shells with the cracker) and the meat inside was mealy.
        My complaint to the owner, "Paulie" was met with such a defensive and aggressive attitude, as if I had the nerve to complain. Restaurant owners forget that a customer who complains is a gift to them. The only highlight was the nice young waiter, who was apologetic throughout. He got a nice tip. Paulie's, and Paulie, however, have earned my absolute enmity. What a dump.

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        1. re: mickeyR123

          I think it is packed for the bar business, not the food business. None of the last 5 incarnations have had good food, going all the way back to Suzzie's. I suppose the bar pays the rent...

          1. re: menton1

            I must say I live somewhat nearby & have been 4-5 times, with large family groups & always had good food & service.
            We find it a nice addition to the neighborhood.
            Owner has always come by & checked on us & seemed nice enough

            1. re: dknyc1

              When you say "nice addition to the neighborhood", dk, is it any different than the last incarnation, Delmonico's?

              1. re: menton1

                I was never to Delmonicos - it closed just as I moved to town so I cant comment

            2. re: menton1

              the bar is not busy. its the restaurant. They have bomb food

          2. My coworkers and I go for lunch here and it is not bad. It is far from Fine Dining but for what it is which is basically a bar with food, it is not bad at all.