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Nov 17, 2008 10:38 PM

Reyhan Persian Resaturant...shhhhh

I literally stumbled upon this place driving around culver city, hungry after work tonight. The three items I tried were all "homemade" (as is all of the menu I hear) and really chowhound worthy. They were the hummus, an eggplant puree app (no not baba ganoush), and a fantastic lental based soup named Aush.

They had run out of hummus by the time I got there (was offered up a sample) and apparently that is the case every day...keep it on the down low but definitely check this place out.

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  1. Looks good, will try. The word is out...

    11800 Jefferson Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230

    1. Hummus is not a Persian dish, but I am curious about the eggplant and the soup. Do you remember if the eggplant dish was called kashk-e bademjan? Was the soup ash-e joe?

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        they called the soup Aush...forget the eggplant name but it was was pureed a bit--though not a creamy dip like bagaganoush...the eggplant retained it's identity.

      2. Do they serve alcohol?

        1. We tried this place this weekend and it was very good. To answer some of the questions in this thread: "no" they do not serve alcohol so we went to the nearby Albertsons and got some wine. The owner brought us some wine glasses which was very nice.

          "Yes"-The eggplant dish is "kashk-e bademjan" and it is pureed eggplant with yogurt on top and was very good with the lavosh served (although not as spicy/garlicy as babganoush) We had various kabobs-beef, beef koobideh and chicken. I also had the "polo" (rice) with dried cherries and other spices which was excellent. Everything was excellent -the chicken mosit and flavorful and the beef very well marinated and tender. In my opinion it was as good or better than those place in the "Persian Corridor" on Westwood and around there (I also enjoy Raffis in Glendale very much but too far). We did not try the stews but will definitely be back. It is nice to have good Persian food near Westchester (Pars IS NOT good Persian)