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Nov 17, 2008 10:26 PM

Recommendations for a French (language) cookbook?

I am a prospective French culinary arts student. I studied French for about a year in university, but living in Japan for the last 2+ years has seriously decreased my French language ability. Thus, I've decided to buckle down and study French in terms of cooking, so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for good French language, French cuisine cookbooks?

I haven't had a lot of experience cooking French cuisine, but since I want to go to culinary school, purchasing books that utilize more advanced techniques wouldn't be out of the question. Some books I've seen recommended in other places:

Mastering the Art of French Cooking Vol. I & II
La Methode and La Technique
La Cuisine de Marché

Thoughts on those and any other cookbooks?

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  1. _Le Guide culinaire_ by Auguste Escoffier, hands down, no question. For second and third books, there's a huge variety of choices, but if you're serious about learning French cuisine, le Guide is *the* basic book.

    1. " Tout Robuchon" contains ALL his recipes, the man has 18 michelin stars !!!!!!
      Helene Darroze: "personne ne me volera ce que j'ai as dansé"

      just go to, livres en francais, cookbooks, the choices are amazing,
      bonne ciusine !!!

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        I'll see Robuchon's 18 *s and raise you Escoffier's légion d'Honneur and Foundation. But seriously, that's a book that I would count as a good potential choice for book number 2. The things that most cooks will assume as a base knowledge are covered well in le Guide.

        I absolutely second the recommendation to go click around the cuisine section of

      2. As far as I know, MTAOFC is in English only. That may also be true of *La Méthode* and *La Technique*. Am unfamiliar with *La cuisine du marché*.

        It strikes me that the obvious choice is the French edition of the *Larousse Gastronomique*. Lots of reading material (history/background, articles on raw materials, discussion of regional and national cuisines, presentation of technique, etc.) plus hundreds of recipes. Last I checked, it was available in a handsome if pricey hardback edition and a less expensive two-volume paperback edition (don't recall if the latter has the illustrations).

        *Tout Robuchon* is very impressive. There are also very affordable (like $10-$15) paperback editions of many of Robuchon's books, including *Le meilleur et le plus simple de Robuchon* (the French version of Patricia Well's *Simply French*), *Le meilleur et le plus simple de la France*, *Le meilleur et le plus simple de la pomme de terre* and *Cuisinez comme un grand chef*.