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Nov 17, 2008 09:56 PM

Thanksgiving, which kitchens need help?

I hate travel at this time of year and don't feel like "doing" a big meal at home. any suggestions for likely orgs that are metro accessible (and very DC-centric) that might need volunteers for a few hours? I'm not committed, but thought "what the hell".

I did it before in another city - not a bad way to get some perspective.

I found this:

they have lots of service options, but I wondered if anyone has some heartfelt recommendations.

there are others, but they seem to require a car (car-free here).

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  1. Not sure how helpful this will be, but I noticed the Pancake House in Bethesda had a sign up asking for volunteers. I didn't look carefully, but my impression was they do something like you're talking about. (They are very close to the metro.) I think the DCJCC does something pretty well-organized, but maybe that's Christmas?

    I didn't check your link before writing, oops -- sorry if this isn't helpful, but since no one else had replied, thought I'd at least bump it up.

    Would you report back what you end up doing?

    (Seems to me I've heard that a lot of places actually get too many volunteers on Thanksgiving and Christmas, have to turn people away, and then not enough the rest of the year. But food banks are really having trouble because of the economy, these days.)

    1. You might also call a local church who can probably put you in touch with a group

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        the year-round need is prob. a bet\ter focus, rather than a (somewhat) self-serving feel-good boost. when I did it (SF) the clients were more geographically concentrated, and lots of churches did it.

        if I read it right, the JCC's is a fundraiser the night before and sounded like they had Thursday covered..

        given our far-flung area, I understand why others might need folks with cars more than hands.

      2. I know that DC Central Kitchen down town always needs help. It is a great organization that really has it's heart in the right place. I have donated product to them and even know Chefs that donate time to their cause...

        DC Central Kitchen is located on E street NW and 4th I think...