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Nov 17, 2008 09:46 PM

Lively Mexican Restaurant for B-day Dinner?

Have read through all the Mexican restaurant recs and now can't wait to try out a lot of them but wondered which you'd go to for a birthday dinner on the Saturday after T'giving for good food, lively atmosphere (and takes reservations)? Group of 5: 2 teens, 3 adults. Birthday boy likes his food way beyond spicy. Not so with the others. Boston/Cambridge/Somerville/Waltham environs would be easiest. Thanks!

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  1. Ole in Inman Square, Cambridge. Very lively, very youthful, very good food.

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    1. re: katzzz

      Ole was also my first thought. Or maybe Sol Azteca on the Boston/Brookline line. Or a little more downscale at Forest Cafe on Mass Ave. by Porter Sq.

      1. re: katzzz

        I had my birthday at Ole this past year and it was fantastic I would definitely recommend it! They have great food- the atmosphere is fun and they also make guacamole at your table which I always feel adds lively/interactive points to the vibe

        1. re: katzzz

          Ole is good - however, have anyone in your group interested in spicy food let your server know when ordering.

        2. Hey, thanks. I had come to the conclusion that we should go to Ole and your replies support that. Love this board!