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Nov 17, 2008 09:38 PM

In Search of the Chocolate Bacon Bar

A few weeks ago, I saw a chocolate bacon bar (or is it bacon chocolate bar) being sold, I think at one of the Whole Foods on the Westside. Now I can't figure out where I found it. I've gone to a few of the stores and scoured the chocolate displays. Anyone know where I can find one?

I saw mention of Surfas selling the same thing. I'm happy to go there if they have some in stock.

And I swear it's a gift for someone else. Thanks

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  1. Vosges's Mo's Bacon Bar. I got mine at Surfas, but their chocolate stock seems to eb and flow... So call ahead before you get your heart set... Also, you can order it directly from here...


    1. they have 2 sizes (big and small) at the WH in Venice across from the dessert case.

      1. Actually just saw them today at the (now conjoined) Pulp/Illiterature store 465 S. La Brea 90036 right at the register desk... in addition to several other Vosges chocolate bar options. Think they were the 3.5 oz versions if that's important.

        1. Intelligencia Coffee Shop in Silverlake @ Sunset Junction has 'em. Located directly next door to the Cheese Shop, which also sells wine.

          So that's bacon, coffee, chocolate, cheese and wine, all in one place.

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            I think they sell them at the cheese shop as well. I have also seen them at C'est Cheese on Hyperion. It is a great chocolate bar to spring on the unsuspecting...

          2. West Hollywood Whole Foods has them....