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Nov 17, 2008 09:13 PM

best chocolate candies

since moving to austin, every christmas season i've gone to lamb's candy and bought a box of their chocolate truffles and turtles (and whatever else looks good at the time). back in california, i'd do the same at see's candy.

this year, for both myself and for gifts, i'm open to trying something different, especially if the chocolate is better -- or more interesting -- elsewhere. does anyone have any suggestions? we can keep the discussion open for all of austin, but personally, i'm in north-central. :)

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  1. Viva Chocolato has all kinds of high end (read: expensive) chocolates from Italy, France, Belgium and Texas. You can pick the ones you'd like out of a case and make a customized box.

    Also, the last time I was at Whole Foods downtown, their chocolate case had many candies and truffles, including Vosges truffles (they make exotic flavor combos).

    1. I know that teuscher chocolates is opening in downtown (2nd St. District) before Christmas. I have seen them advertising for employees, and the ads said they would open at the end of November. They have delicious truffles, but not cheap!

      1. Someone on this board (scrumptious maybe?) turned me on Bastrop's Roscar chocolates sold in Austin at both Breed's Hardware stores. Be aware Breed's sells other lesser chocolates like schmidt so make sure the label says Roscars. You won't find a fresher more delicate chocolate truffle in town.

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          thanks. "roscar" gave me a unique word i could search on, and turned up this thread:

          lots of good information there.

        2. I'm partial to local chocolatier Cocoa Puro's Kakawa Cocoa Beans - "five flavors of chocolate in one bite." You can buy retail at various spots around town, but you can also order direct at

          One considered review here:

          1. I used to live in Houston and there was Teuscher's there. I heard it said once they were Stanley Marcus' fave, even though N-M did not carry them (the only place in US other than Houston with a Teuscher store at the time was, supposedly, NY). The Champagne truffles are amazing, even though they were, 25 years ago, a dollar a bite. I will be interested to see how they stack up against the memory!

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              Well, Teuscher did open, and their chocolates are definitely good. The did NOT get open before Christmas, though, so sorry that I reported they were opening before then.

              I was surprised that they have a full coffee shop, as well as a Clover coffee brewer. I have tried a latte and a couple cups from the Clover now, and I was very happy each time. I preferred the Guatemala over the Ethiopia, though, because the Ethiopia was very citrus-y. Their coffee is from Cuvee Coffee Co., who also provides beans for my other favorite local coffee shop, Medici on West Lynn.