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Nov 17, 2008 08:25 PM

ISO denninger's potato salad and schnitzel in Toronto

when i lived in hamilton i used to love denninger's takeout counter for there potato sald and shnitzel since i moved to toronto tho i have found nothing similar and have been craving it anyone know where i can find this?

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  1. I saw a Denninger's truck making a delivery at a store called Jacob's, Rondo Plaza, Steeles between Yonge & Bathurst, north side. It caters mainly to a Russian clientele. I do NOT know whether they sell what you are looking for, but it's worth a call.

    1. Brandt Meats lunch counter in Mississauga comes very close to--and often surpasses--Denninger's. Problem is they're only open Wed-Sat. Worth a visit.

      1. The potato salad and schnitzel at Grumble's Deli (Main & Danforth) is far better than the one at Denninger's (and their's is pretty good too) Also check out the Prague (www.theprague.ca) theirs is decent. Grumble's is the best though.

        1. It's actually spelled Grumbel's and there are some photos here -

          Agree they have tasty stuff. Many years ago they were located on Queen East in the Beach. Had a Santa climbing into a decorative chimney on top of their store.

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            I like Honey Bear Hungarain deli on the N side of Sheepard, between Yonge and Bayview-right beside Subway.

          2. thx for the recommendations guys ill be sure to check out grumbels :)