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Nov 17, 2008 08:18 PM

need some advice for a brief road trip thru NH & VT!

hello this is my second post and have only gotten one response so far, so here goes again! i will be travelling from mid-coast maine up to the western mtns., then crossing into new hampshire and vermont later this week and need some help. i have never travelled these states before, but am looking for some awesome grub and especially some good beer! as of yet, i do not have a specific route, but my destination is southern new york (white plains to be exact). i am on a student budget, so please keep this in mind, and i eat just about anything. i would like to have pizza at the waitsfield american flatbread friday, but other than that, i need some recs...also, i am curious as to whether there is anything worth stopping for in maine between rockland and bethel?? btw, this is only a 2 night max excursion unfortunately, so no mediocrity please...thanks in advance!

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