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Nov 17, 2008 07:37 PM

Hotpot on Dundas

has anyone tried the hotpot at "Hotpot on Dundas" the one under queen's patisserie? Me and some friends have a craving for hotpot but don;t feel like venturing uptown for it. Just wanted to know if the hot pot there is comparably to the stuff at icook and other hot pot places uptown? Do you get individual pots? Do they have a large selection of stuff to choose from?

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  1. wow so has no one tried this place or is it just too awful to write about LOL

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      Nothing like hot pot on a cold winter night right? There's a hole in the wall place on the south side of Baldwin just inside Kensington Market. The sign in the window says Hot Pot in English and Chinese, and you'll recognize it by the steamed up windows. I've had better in Taiwan and China, but it's definitely good and authentic.
      It's $14/pp, all you can eat with free tea. The menu offerings are consistent with what I had in Asia and the clientele is almost completely Asian. Give it a go. It's amazed me that given our cold climate and very large Chinese community that hot pot hasn't caught on the way say, sushi has.

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        hmmm awesome does this place have individual pots do they have a good selection of stuff to choose from?

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          Not individual pots, the table shares one or more depending on the size of the group, but the pot itself can be divided in half by a barrier to accommodate different soup stocks. In my opinion, the selection is good, perhaps forty different items.

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        I tried this place last week and was pretty disappointed. Tried icook for the first time several months ago and this place doesn't compare. The selection and quality of meat, vegetables and noodles were decent but again, doesn't compare to icook. I also like the fridge buffet at icook as opposed to filling out an order form. I did like that they had a variety of dumplings on the menu but if I want good dumplings I would rather walk around the corner to Mother's Dumplings. The soup base itself was pretty flavorless but then again, I probably should have splurged for one of the better bases as opposed to the standard. I don't think I will be going back. I'm eager to try the place in Kensington. If it's good, it would save me the long trip uptown.

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          The place in Kensington also requires you to fill out an order form . I too, would prefer a fridge buffet but the small size of the place won't allow for it.

      3. Is hotpot anything like Japanese Shabu-Shabu?

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          Yep, except the broth is not as sweet.

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            Excellent. Thanks! I'll have to give it a try.

        2. looks like i will have to trek uptown for good hot pot

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            just curious where you go 'uptown' for good hot pot, retsnome85?

          2. Just went this weekend. Not bad. The selection is smaller than most hot pot places I've tried. Everything seems fresh though. They have those burners that are part of the tabletop, not the one that are set into the table so that was good. I'm not sure what kind of hot pot this was. The sauces offered were satay, sesame and garlic. That's not what I've had at Cantonese hot pot. And it doesn't seem like northern Chinese - don't they have a lot of chilies and garlic?

            Anyway. definitely pretty decent if you're looking for hot pot in Chinatown but much better selections in Markham.

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              I think you can choose hot and spicy soup bases and those are Northern Chinese in style.

            2. Just went there. It's called Taste of Shanghai now. We loved the service, the atmosphere and the FOOD. The Shanghai Gluten appetizer is a must, and the Chicken & Shitaake Mushroom dumplings were to die for (better than the supposed king of dumplings on spadina). The lamb hotpot was good, the meat was perfectly cooked and soft and tasty, but we found the broth to be a tad on the sweet side. But as you know, it's what to expect for Shanghai style hotpot... things will tend to be on the sweet side. But yes, do try it. and their jasmine tea is great!