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Nov 17, 2008 07:31 PM

Brooklyn Heights: breakfast and lunch

I'm staying at the Marriott on Adams Street in Brooklyn, visiting from San Francisco. A quick glance at previous board posts about Brooklyn Heights praises Noodle Pudding, Henry's End, and Petite Marche, but they all seem to be dinner-only. What's good for breakfast or lunch that's quick and not too pricey?

I'm coming from San Francisco, so I'd prefer types of places that are hard for me to find at home. I'd be especially eager to have Caribbean, Cuban, middle eastern, Korean, Thai (yes, SF is lousy for Thai), southern Italian, or pizza, but I'll take whatever Brooklyn Heights has to offer. I am happy to walk, so going beyond the immediate area is fine, but I'm not familiar enough with Brooklyn geography to know which neighboring areas to search for on the board.

Also, where's the best nearby coffee?

Thanks very much.

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  1. All of these are within 5-10 minutes walk from the Marriott.

    Teresa's is Polish food for breakfast or lunch. On Montegue St off Hicks, one block from the water (have you seen the view yet?). On Atlantic Ave going away from the water one or two blocks is Nicky's for Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches. On Atlantic Ave going toward the water is Yemen Cafe & Waterfalls Cafe, both good (but very different) Middle Eastern places. Yemen Cafe is best for the lamb stews and soups, while Waterfall has a great selection of salads and grilled meats. Do not miss Sahadi's, a major Lebanese store on Atlantic. Not a sit down, but dont miss it... you'll understand why when you walk in. A great lunch spot for Italian, but not cheap nor quick, is Queen restaurant on Court St. Excellent. Fascati's pizza on Henry St is better than average and worth going.

    1. Best lunch I know in the Heights is Siggy's Good Food on Henry Street. It's an all organic, nutty-crunchy kind of place but don't let that dissuade you if that's not your thing (it's not mine) -- the food is excellent.

      You can also walk down to Waterfalls Cafe on Atlantic. Hole in the wall but very delicious.


      1. Hi David,

        you do have some good choices in the area once you walk a few short blocks away.

        You are correct that a more predominant number are dinner only. No one has mentioned Smith Street yet, which if you walk further into BK (away from the Bridge) is the continuation of Jay Street (maybe a 10 minute walk from the hotel). From the corner of Atlantic and Smith upwards, there is a slew of great restaurants from the very formal ranging all the way down. Again, a good number of these are dinner spots (Saul, Chesnut, Po being some of the more notable ones), but there is also Bar Tabac (a French bistro open for every meal - great omelettes for bfast), a couple Thai places (Ghang Thai being my favorite), a great Cuban spot a bit further up (name escaping me, but it is on the same block as Po).

        On Atlantic Avenue there are an incredible selection of inexpensive quality Middle Eastern spots - everyone has their own favorite, but the notables include Waterfalls, Fountain Cafe, (both west on Atlantic past Court Street) and and Bedouin Tent (East on Atlantic.)

        There is also a great Vietnamese sandwich place - Nicky's on Atlantic just off Smith. In addition if you go east on Atlantic from Smith, you'll hit Brawta Cafe - a really pleasant Caribbean spot.

        Montague Street in BK Heights has some decent options as well, but the more interesting are on Smith or Atlantic in my opinion. Though Siggy's in the north Heights area is a great option. If you have time, take a walk down to Grimaldi's for pizza for lunch.