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Nov 17, 2008 07:08 PM

Four dinners your pick

We are coming to DC for 4 days of sightseeing around Christmas. We are a family of 4 with kids 20-24, staying at the Sofitel. Suggest your favorite 4 restaurants in the downtown area, make
one seafood, one Italian, one new American and one wild card ( no Indian, Chinese, Thai
due to a nut allergy of one family member). Keep the price reasonable, by that I mean between 50 and 70 per person before tip. We're from NYC and used to upscale food. Because of the tree nut allergy need restaurants with kitchens that cook from scratch and know their ingredients.
Thanks all.

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  1. Kaz, Zaytinva, Equinox, oh and yes Central!

    Wait, I meant to post a joke...

    1. In that price range, I'd recommend PS7s, Equinox, Creme, and Central. I've had excellent meals at all.

      Also, if there's a night you don't want to venture too far, I had a great lunch at Ici Urban Bistro in the Sofitel and I'm assuming their dinner menu would be good as well.

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        Al Tiramisu - Italian (P & 21, Dupont Circle), Zengo - Latin & Japanese Fusion (Chinatown area), Occidental (American), Sakana - Sushi.

      2. Italian, Tosca. Seafood, Hank's Oyster Bar (Kinkead's if you want to be more upscale). New American, Central (American/French) or Corduroy. Wild Card? Zaytinya could be fun if you want to order a feast of mezze, or maybe Zola, which is worth seeing at least. Or, again, Central or Corduroy.

        1. Equinox for new American, Dino for Italian, Hook for seafood, and my wild card would be PS7 or Central.

          1. Equinox for new american, Tuscana West for Italian, DC Coast or Ceiba for seafood (great ceviche and latin food) or Old Ebbitt Grill right down the street from Sofitel a DC classic and good oyster bar, Zaytinya is great too for Mezze

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              Oh my gosh, do NOT go to Tuscana West. I swear to you that every person in there will be wearing a fanny pack and carrying a map. Do NOT waste your time or money.

              1. re: katecm

                Hahaha..this is actually the very first time in my 6+ years in DC that I've ever heard anyone recommend Tuscana West. I've wondered about it for years.

                1. re: Elyssa

                  i work nearby and go there often for lunch - i never noticed much of a tourist crowd, perhaps it's my timing