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Nov 17, 2008 07:01 PM

Good places to buy fresh ravioli in/near Cambridge?

I'm looking to buy some good fresh ravioli to take home and cook. No fancy fillings, just ricotta. Anywhere I can get this in Cambridge? Or suggestions elsewhere?

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  1. It's not quite Cambridge, but Dave's Fresh Pasta in Davis Square (Somerville) is an excellent source for fresh ravioli.

    1. Dave's Fresh Pasta is good. You could also try Capone's in Union Square (just over the fine line that divides Cambridge and Somerville). And there's always Whole Foods... even the little one on Prospect St has fresh, simple pasta always.

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        Isn't there also a Capone's in North Cambridge? I think it's on Mass Ave. And, if you aren't satisfied with their selection, Dave's Pasta in Davis Sq is a short walk away.

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          I'd call the small Capone's on Mass Ave before heading out there - it's pretty far up and they don't usually have a great selection, tho you'd think they would always have cheese. IMHO Dave's is much better. I think it's Dave's they sell at Russo's, tho the ravs seem larger there. Dave's is a 5 min walk from Davis Sq. And the fancy fillings are worth it!

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            Savenor's on Kirkland Street also sells Capone ravioli.

        2. Try Bella Ravioli in Medford, just up the road from Bob's and near Tufts - and almost across the street from one of my favorite Italian bakerie, whose name escapes me this moment but they make small sfogliatelle, just the size for a snack.

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            That's Arthur's you're thinking of.

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              I second Bella Ravioli- great meatballs and sauce to go also... can't beat it...