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Nov 17, 2008 06:34 PM

Wineries and restaurants - Western Australia

we are spending 2 wks in Dec in Eagle bay and Perth and I was wondering where to go in Margaret River for lunches, dinners - incl wineries? Thank you

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  1. Depends whether you are after location, views or food and wine.

    Anyway, top of my list is Cullen - their food is great and they have old cellar stock available for drinking that you can't buy at the door (ie the best stuf is drink on the premises only)

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      I second the Cullen recommendation! We had a glorious lunch there a couple of years ago. Sardines and Scallops for entre, Marron on a quinoa salad for mains. Delicious! And accompanied by some great Cullen wines.

    2. Clairault is lovely, both for wine and for lunch.

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        1. In Perth, I would go to Jacksons which is on Beaufort Street. You may need to book 2-3 weeks out. They have a great degustaion menu. I ate there last week, and it was fantastic. Near by is a wine bar called Must. They have a good champagne selection, and superb food. They also get some great oysters.

          Another restaurant is Star Anise. I can't remember where it is. Also The Essex in Fremantle. Great breakfasts overlooking Cottesloe beach at the Blue Duck. On weekends you must book.

          In Margaret River, I like the food at Lamonts Winery. Kate Lamont is a great chef, who also has several restaurants in Perth. She has opened a new wine store in East Perth.

          A great restaurant in Margaret River is at Cape Lodge. In 2007 it was voted highly by Conde Nast. Then there is Providore, which is more of a sharing menu with good wine available.

          Have heaps of fun

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            Star Anise is in Shenton Park. I would rate it as Perth's top restaurant at the moment, but it is quite small so book well in advance.

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              We are heading to Margaret River in March. Some great recommendations here - are there any others?

              We are looking for variety and a taste of "home". We would love a couple of high end dinners, or long lunches, plus some good basic local restaurants with top ingredients.

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                The problem with Margaret River is that it is, primarily, a high end tourism destination and prices reflect this. The reason why everyone is recommending the top end places is because most stuff is at that price point anyway. Good, honest local places are few and far between and I never found one.

                That said, if you have an apartment there is fantastic venison, cheese, beer, chocolate, marrons and fruit in MR. I enjoyed the brewery pub near the chocolate factory whose name eludes me.

                My fave Perth place, Must, is opening a MR offshoot which should be outstanding. Mandurah is worth a stop for fish and chips on the way down.

                Of the wineries not mentioned, Voyager is worth a lunch.