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Nov 17, 2008 06:29 PM

Fresh Pomegranate seeds

My local Middle Eastern market has containers of pomegranate seeds, freshly hulled from the fruit. I bought one of these containers and became addicted to them on top of yogurt, especially Rachel's Yogurt. I went back today and bought another container and was told that the season would end in another month or so. In panic I bought another container (they said the seeds freeze well). Now I'm wondering what else to do with them besides topping my yogurt with them.
Does anyone have any good pomegranate seed ideas?
Much thanks.

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  1. The seeds absolutely do NOT freeze well. There's so much liquid in them that they basically explode. The season really goes into January, though, and you can nurse one along in the fridge for another month or so. Take a deep breath and think seasonally. I'm trying very hard to get through my tomato withdrawal.

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      Literally ran to the freezer to retrieve my precious pomegranate seeds from exploding! thanks for the tip. I guess you're right about the seasonal thing. It's just that they are so damn good on this Rachel's Yogurt. On the other hand, I'll probably eat them this way so often in the next few weeks that I'll burn out and will be glad to wait it out for the next season!

    2. I like them as a garnish on a green salad, similar to how you might use dried, sweetened cranberries.

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        I agree, pomergrante seeds are very nice on a salad. The Mediterranean salad with prosciutto and pomergrante from the Nov 2008 Bon Appetit is very good.

      2. I put them on roasted brussles sprouts and a squeeze of lemon

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          I made this tonight and have to say that it was absolutely delicious! I'm going to make this for Thanksgiving, thanks for the tip.

        2. A drink garnish for champagne or prosecco!

          1. I agree they would not freeze well!

            Top of salad, add to your cereal, blend them with water and sugar for a juice, sprinkle on buttered basmati rice. Garnish Middle Eastern muqaabilaat (mezze) with them, like sprinkle them on baba ganouj, humus, or whatever.