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K-Paul v. Court of Two Sisters

Hello. We will be in New Orleans for a meeting for only a couple of evenings and are eagerly planning dinner. I fondly remember a wonderful dinner at K-Paul's pre Katrina, but one of our group already made a reservation at Court of Two Sisters. Which of the two restaurants would fellow foodies prefer? If you had only two nights in town are there other restaurants that are MUSTS? Appreciate any advice.

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  1. We live an hour from New Orleans in Gulfport MS and eat in NO often. Pascal's Manale Restaurant invented BBQ Shrimp! (no bbq sauce, but a meal you will never forget. Mr B's Bistro, owned by the famed Brennan family, is my wife's favorite. Other highly recommended options are The Redfish Grill, Arnaud's and Galatoire's. Each of these has a website for your review. The last two options will cost the most. If you are there in December, the French Quarter restaurants have what they call a Revillion (I think that's how you spell it) that will give you 3 or more courses at dinner for a set price. Google `French Quarter Festival Inc'; I think the website is www.fqfi.com. Another great site is NOMENU.com, operated by my friend Tom Fitzmorris. Eat some for us!

    1. Of these two, I'd choose K-Paul's. Now, this is only if you do not hurt feelings. The rec. is based 100% on chow only.

      As for "MUSTS," that would depend on what you really want, and on what you budget and travel is about.

      For me, and in no particular order:

      Brigtsen's (cab, streetcar from the FQ/CBD)
      Galatoire's (walking distance from FQ/CBD)
      Stella! (walking distance from FQ/CBD)
      MiLa (walking distance from FQ/CBD)
      Windsor Court, New Orleans Grill (walking distance from FQ/CBD)
      Restaurant August (walking distance from FQ/CBD)
      Restaurant Cuvée (walking distance from FQ/CBD)

      None is inexpensive, but all are very, very good. The "mood" of each is different, and unique.

      If I had to "make up" to the Court of Two Sisters group, I'd choose either Galatoire's, or Stella! and keep it in the FQ. This is not meant to diminish any of the others.


      Restaurant August
      301 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

      Stella Restaurant
      1032 Chartres Street, New Orleans, LA 70116

      Galatoire's Restaurant
      209 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA 70130

      Cuvee Restaurant
      322 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

      Brigtsen's Restaurant
      723 Dante St, New Orleans, LA 70118

      817 Common Street, New Orleans, LA 70112

      Windsor Court Hotel
      300 Gravier Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

      1. Hands down, K-Paul's. And as genteel as I am, with only 2 dinners in N.O., there would be no way that I would have Court of Two Sisters be one of those meals. You'll figure out a way to not hurt their feelings. And if you can't, just blame me.

        1. Hey docsharon--

          I don't want to step on any toes--yours or your friends or TCoTS'--but if you're going for the food, go to K-Paul's, or virtually anywhere else. TCoTS is a lovely place, but the food is fair at best, and if it rains, you're out of the courtyard and into the main rooms, which aren't going to please anyone.

          You're doing yourself a favor by getting the reservation canceled.

          1. K-Paul = great NO food
            CofTS= tourist place

            Posters have given you many other good choices for dinner. Get out of the CofTS reservation NOW.

            1. i'll second hunt's recs.
              stella, brigtsen's, galatoire's should put a smile on anyone's face.
              i can't think of a single reason to go to the court of two sisters

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              1. re: steve h.

                Last trip over, we almost ended up there. My wife remembered it (Court of Two Sisters) from her youth. We were hosting MIL's nurse, who was from Transylvania, and had never been to New Orleans. When my wife decided that we'd do brunch there, several recent posts on CH passed before my eyes. Being a good husband, I did not comment, but let her run inside. "Sorry, no brunch today," was her reply. She then thought back to our pervious trip's Saturday brunch at Brennan's and suggested that. As I had experienced a really good, fun brunch there (regardless of what I used to think, and what many CH's still think), so I agreed. We had even more fun, and our server, Ron, took our Eastern European nurse under his "wing." I believe that we were there from about 11:00AM until 2:30PM and we laughed, and enjoyed some really good food. Had I never dined there in the past, and formed some not-so-favorable impressions, I'd argue with some of the posters here. However, I have harbored some deep-seeded negative feelings of my own, so I understand.

                Maybe next trip, I'll take my loving wife to Court of Two Sisters, just so she can experience it for the first time, since her youth. Hey, what's the big deal to tolerate a mediocre meal, if one's wife gets to "go home again?" Besides, she tolerates my nostalgic dining at some pretty bleak spots, just because "they used to be great, back when I was sixteen!"

                No, it'd be K-Paul's for me, or some of the other recs. Let me be the "front man" and take one for the team, with Court of Two Sisters. Trust me though, it will not be the "first meal" when back in NOLA. [See recent reviews for that joke]


                1. re: Bill Hunt

                  Another vote for K-Paul's over CoTS...the food at CoTS is unimpressive and prices are high for what you get because it's a tourist place. K-Paul's has great food, a nice atmosphere and lovely service. Although it's one of my favorite places in New Orleans I actually prefer Cuvee or Restaurant August for fine dining. I also really like Jacques-Imo's, although that's Uptown and probably far from where you'll be staying. Mr.B's Bistro is a good spot for lunch (love the bbq shrimp) but wouldn't do dinner there. Hope that helps!

                  1. re: Bill Hunt

                    you're a good man. it's cool to "take one for the team." heck, sometimes the planets align and low expectations are met with decent returns. you might find gold.
                    it's always good to test old prejudices.

                    1. re: steve h.

                      Hey, I made out "like a bandit," with the New Orleans Grill at the Windsor Court. Sometimes, as you say, things just work out.

                      After an almost equally bad first experience on O`ahu, decades ago, my wife decided that she wanted to give that restaurant "one more try." For another few decades, it was near the top of our Honolulu/Waikiki list. On last trip, it was getting "long in the tooth," and I think that it was feeling the corporate pressure of Hilton Corp., and will probably be totally re-vamped. Still, had my wife not insisted, we'd never have given it another try, and missed a lot of great meal.

                      Court of Two Sister might well exceed my expectations. Long before most on this board were even born, it was OK, but there wasn't a heart and soul even then. Just OK. Cool venue, but food that one could get in many other cities. Nothing to compete with the NOLA cuisine scene.

                      Personally, I like to include some of the old-school places - the ones that I, or my wife knew, in our youth, whenever possible. Yeah, Thomas Wolf was correct, in that you "can never go home again," but it's also nice to re-visit, especially if you do not expect too much.

                      I just need a full month in NOLA to make some rounds, without family to insist that we try this, or that. Still have not made it to Clancy's, or Irene's, much less some of the newer spots. Heck, I probably get more serious dining time in Las Vegas, just because we're there so often and neither of us give a hoot about gambling. While the dining there is really good, it isa shame to miss great spots in NOLA, due to lack of time.

                      From a purely culinary standpoint, only Paris and London excite me, as much as New Orleans does.

                      Yes, I'll "take one for the team," and also make my sweet wife happy! That's my station in life.


                      1. re: Bill Hunt

                        nice chatting with you. i don't know paris very well but i do know london and rome. maybe we can compare notes down the road. pretty fond of asia, too.

                        1. re: steve h.

                          I usually post my reviews on the UK board, upon return. Sometimes I get panned by the locals, but then I am a "daft Yank."

                          Fairly recent post was on Joël Robachon's L'Atellier in Soho (well, right next to Soho), and a contrasting link to my review of his Las Vegas restaurant. Had a Gordon Ramsey review too (locals beat that one up a bit, but we enjoyed) and, oh gosh, at least two others.

                          Going back about six months did another four-six reviews, and then six months before did about the same with one Angela Harnett (a Gordon Ramsey sous chef) and a few more.

                          I do the same for Europe, and different boards in the US. I'd be honored to share notes, and discuss any problems that you have had with places that I loved, or better experiences on placed that did not work for me.

                          As we get to travel, and both of us love to dine well, I enjoy sharing my observations with others. My hope is to provide some info, from a first-hand perspective, that might help them decide on where to dine, wherever. Heck, I post requests, based on our dining preferences, to the appropriate boards, after research with "Search This Board." That is what I think that CH is about.