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Nov 17, 2008 05:26 PM

Anyone been to Allen & Delancy since Neil Ferguson left?

Been wanting to have dinner here but now I'm hesitant since Neil Ferguson has left. Has anyone eaten here since he departed? Thanks!

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  1. I went on November 3 and found it delightful--We had the tasting menu with wine pairings. However I did not experience it before he left so I had nothing to compare it to. But I found the food to be inventive and carefully prepared and the service efficient and friendly.

    1. I went this past Friday (11/14) and found it OK. I hadn't been just didn't seem to be worth planning 2 weeks in advance for. This time, I was able to get a prime reservation just a day before - never a good sign.

      The scallop starter was nicely done but heavily oversalted. As for the lamb duo, the chop was beyond overcooked (medium well vs. medium rare) and the neck was pretty good. The parsnip soup was OK, though its sweetbreads were gummy. The duck/foie main was nicely cooked and tasty, in a very simple way.

      Service was chatty but attentive.

      If you're in a booth, you'd think the room was incredible. Being in a 2-top, however, feels a bit like Siberia.

      All said, the dishes are well thought out but not perfectly executed. I guess that's exactly what you'd expect given the loss of your chef. Given that - there are other restaurants in the neighborhood that I'd much rather go to...... at least until they find another chef!