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Nov 17, 2008 04:18 PM

Where to eat at Disney World

Hi! My boyfriend and I will be going to Disney World for the first time at the end of December and I was wondering if anyone had recommendations about where to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We'll be staying at a Disney resort and we do not plan on renting a car and we are not picky about the food we eat. Any recommendations for where to eat that is walkable from the Coronado Springs resort or within Disney World would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Welcome, iheartcupcake!
    There's a lot of info on this board about Disney restaurants -- of which there are dozens, of varying quality and price. Try searching "disney" and you'll find more threads than you can possibly wish for.
    If you have any more specific queries -- like what to order at Jiko, or who has the best character dinner that also has a fireworks view -- please post and we're happy to try to help.

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      1. Maya Grill, the full-service restaurant inside Coronado Springs, is operated by the same people who do the Mexico pavilion restaurant at Epcot. The food is acceptable.
        Even without a car, you should have access to Disney transportation buses to take you anywhere on property. Closest area is probably BoardWalk, where you'll find Flying Fish Cafe, Spoodles, and ESPN Club, among others. Within walking distance of BoardWalk, at Swan and Dolphin hotels, are Shula's Steakhouse and Il Mulino New York as well as the overpriced (and not worth it) Todd English's bluezoo.

        1. In Downtown Disney, we've had several good meals at Raglan Road Pub, not to mention several good beers. Also in Downtown is The Earl of Sandwich, which I think is the best value anywhere in WDW.

          It's been my experience that within the parks themselves, EPCOT has the best food (like Le Cellier in Canada) and the Magic Kinddom has the worst.

          If you let this board know what type of food you're interested in trying, you might get more specific recommendations.

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              And i will second LeCellier. Epcot does have a lot of good food. i also like the German Pavilion as well.

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                I would agree with the German Pavillion. We just ate dinner at the Biergarten buffet. It was varied and the roast pork and sauerbraten were excellent. The entertainment started at 6:30 and was a fun ending to our early dinner.