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Nov 17, 2008 03:28 PM

10% tip on the bill for Takeout-Ruby Tuesday's

I didn't really mind, because I would have tipped more than that.

Actually, I did add a couple of bucks in cash to the check folder because I had a glass of wine at the bar while I was waiting

Just noticing this, and wondering if it as trend. I know there have been threads in the past about tipping on takeout.

There was also a disclaimer printed on the bill that said "gratuity was added, let us know if you don't agree"


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  1. It seems fair. Way too many people don't tip on carryout despite the additional preparation required. To set a floor of 10% is quite reasonable. So would adding a minimum tip of 10% to all restaurant bills instead of allowing a legal option of zero.

    I usually tip 20% whether it is carryout or not. Unless it is truly fast food where I just take my sack and run!!

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    1. re: malveaux

      "Way too many people don't tip on carryout despite the additional preparation required."

      Additional prep as in packing it and adding plasticware? As opposed to table service, bussing tables, etc.?

      I consider myself a generous tipper when I sit down for a meal (20% at a minimum), but I don't tip at Starbucks and I don't tip for takeout.

      1. re: ferret

        Same here. In a restaurant like Ruby Tuesday, when I eat in I don't tip the employee who seats me--likely the same person who would be taking the phone order, walking it to the kitchen, and walking it back to the point where I pick it up.I don't tip the kitchen staff when I eat in, either.

        I dislike the notion of automatically added tips. Ironically, I would usually tip more than the 15 or 18 percent that usually constitutes the added gratuity. But if I see a tip already added to my check, I don't tip a cent more. I figure the restaurant can't have it both ways.

        1. re: Emm

          "...when I eat in I don't tip the employee who seats me... the kitchen staff, either. "

          Actually, very often a cut of the tip you give your server goes to both.

          1. re: invinotheresverde

            You don't tip the kitchen staff, unless you count bussers as kitchen staff. I've worked in a lot of restaurants with tip-out and you don't tip the kitchen. Hostesses, bartenders, bussers, barback, sure.

            1. re: rockandroller1

              That's absolutely untrue. Many, many restaurants tip out their kitchen; I've worked in three of them.

              Just because YOU haven't worked in a place where the kitchen is tipped out doesn't mean there aren't plenty of places that do.

              1. re: invinotheresverde

                I wonder if that's something regional. I've never heard of that. It's certainly not true in any chain restaurants.

                Hey invino, thx for the idea, I will post in the general thread to ask about this.

    2. This is wrong to me. Why are the takeout staff entitled to a guaranteed tip but the servers are not? Servers generally make less than minimum wage but takeout staff (hosts, bartenders) generally make at least minimum wage. Where's the incentive for the takeout handlers to get it right?

      I've worked in the resto biz most of my adult life and always tip whomever handles my takeout order, but I find it strange that a place would automaticly add that tip in. What's the justification?

      Just my two cents. FWIW.

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      1. re: lynnlato

        I agree, not required for takeout.

      2. I presume you're paraphrasing the notice on the menu, is that right? We got take-out from the Ruby Tuesday in Charlottesville, VA last week and there was no added gratuity on the bill.

        Was this in San Francisco?

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        1. re: ccbweb

          The notice was on the check, where you sign, not on the menu. I am paraphrasing because I didn't keep the receipt, but I'm sure it's pretty close.

          This was in Alpharetta, GA (suburban Atlanta), where I am working this week.

        2. I agree, this should not be required with takeout. I've worked at 2 chains that had a dedicated person handling takeout, either a particular shift for a regular server or a combination of the hostess and expeditor, and all of them get paid at least minimum wage when they do that job. The reason I tip servers is because they DON'T get min. wage and their income is dependent upon tips. This just seems like a greedy way to get tips from people who are trying hard to avoid having extra expenses like 200% marked up alcohol and the tip by getting takeout, which is why we do it. i would ask it to be removed and would complain to corporate.

          1. That's bizarre.
            Although I admit I tip at Sonic, but they are bringing it out to me at the car.

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            1. re: Firegoat

              We always tip the carhop at A&W too. Carhop was my first job, back in the caveman days, and we didn't always get tipped but tips were much appreciated. I made the munificent sum of $1.50 an hour!

              But a mandatory tip at a takeout counter is just wrong.