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Nov 17, 2008 03:27 PM

Another NEW CHINESE RESTAURANT in Richmond Hill

FYI, a new 'fine dining' Chinese ( Cantonese) restaurant has sprung up on 9665 Bayview Avenue opposite Maxim. Name is 'YANG'S FINE CHINESE CUISINE '. Decor was modern and elegant. Tried their Dim Sum for lunch today. Food presentation might not be as appealing and pretty as say Empire court, however quality was very very good. Price is a bit on the high side but comparable to say Full House. Definitely one of the best in Richmond Hill. ( at least the Har Gow, which was superb! )
I'll give their dinner a try one day and report back.

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  1. Did the restuarant that used to be there close down? That place was pretty good, if they've changed I will make a trip over there and try the new place!

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    1. re: Wil

      Yes! The restaurant changed hand twice in 6 months! Hope this is third time lucky!

    2. Thank you Charles, I will have to try it too. Glad to know it's Har Gow is good, the Har Gow at Dragon Boat is also good, I found it better than Empire Court on this item and overall dim sum quality is good too ! With the dim sum price (S, M, L) at $2.4, $3.4 and $4.4, it is full even on a weekday ! They also have the special deal with all dim sum the same price at $2 something before 11:30 am, but I have not tried that.

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      1. re: skylineR33

        Good call on Dragon Boat. I've only had the dim sum once at their new location, but it was distinctively good that one time.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. They just come out with a banquet menu for 10 at an incredible price of $2388.00 per table!!

          Menu features a cold platter featuring geoduck clam, lobster and toro sashimi, whole roasted suckling piglet, Giant divers scallops stuffed with gai lan and foie gras, whole sharksfin with fresh crab meat, Braised Japanese 30 head dried abalone with sea cucumber, Roasted top pigeons, half lobster per person, Steamed live sea bass, fried rice with sea urchins and conpoy, double boiled birds nest with fresh coconut milk... etc.

          Great looking menu but during recession?!!! I question management's wisdom!

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          1. re: Charles Yu

            I forgot that actually Casa Imperial charge the same price $2388 on their most expensive banquet set too ! But the items does not sound that interesting compared to the the menu you listed above. I think about it more, it will cost probably double if the same thing is ordered or requested at Lai Wah Heen ??! But I am not sure if the quality will be at par !
            Exotic items that worths a try, but in this economy, I think I will have to pass now ... too bad.

            1. re: Charles Yu

              At $238 per head, I expect a piglet per diner and at least 2 head abalone.
              But geeze, that's a ridiculous price, recession or not.

              1. re: tksh

                It will take at least 15 years for an abalone to grow to '2 head' size. If the 2 Head is the Dried Japanese 'sugar centered' varietal, auction price in Hong Kong is actually around Can$ 23,800 each!

                Depending on the size of sharksfin and abalone, as well as the type of fresh fish used in the menu. The above captioned price would be the 'ball park' figure one would pay for a banquet menu in Hong Kong's Fook Lam Moon or Forum. In fact, I've known people who had spend HK$20,000 ( Can$3,500 ) per table 25 YEARS AGO to entertain Chinese government officials! Taking inflation into account, guess it'll be around Can $35,000 per table nowadays!! And thats excluding beverages, tax and tips! Ha!!

                1. re: tksh

                  Charles is right. Actually, there is no '2 head' size "Dried" Japanese Abalone available nowaday anymore. At Ah Yat Abalone (Forum) of HK, the starting price of one single Japanese "Net" dried abalone, which is a '12' head, is priced at $8000 HKD (which is ~$1400 CAD), and it can get up to thousands of dollars. It is one dish with the portion for one person, and if you want to add a goose web on the side, you have to pay extra for it ! I am not sure if the price has gone down with the bad economy at this moment.

                  In toronto like LWH, the abalone is market price, but you will be charged with $$$ even for a small one, but usually it is available in a size no bigger than "20" heads.

                  1. re: skylineR33

                    !! I didn't realize the larger abalones are so expensive. Do they actually get cooked or are they like shark fins on display?

                    Back on topic, has anyone else tried this place for dim sum or dinner?

                    1. re: tksh

                      The one mentioned in my post are items in the food menu of restaurant and can be ordered. Yes, they get cooked.

              2. Things I had today include.....

                har gow - skin had the right thickness but not overly chewy, good 口感.
                tripe in ginger & scallion - again cooked perfectly, could use slightly more salt.
                sticky rice in lotus leaf - each grain of rice held its structure
                black bean spare ribs - good texture, definitely softer than the usual overcooked ribs from most places.
                steamed turnip cake w/ chinese sausage - recommended
                steamed rice roll w/ scallops & xo sauce - has a slight kick to it, but doesn't overwhelm the delicate flavour of the scallop. Another recommendation.

                I found the flavours to be very clean, less msg and salt than a run of the mill place. It measures very well against its competitors in the price range (s=$2.80/m=$3.80/l=$4.80 if I recall). We also ordered garlic peashoots ($15.80), so our bill came to $48ish before tip, for two. It was one of the better meals I've had for dim sum in Toronto, I'll be returning even if it does cost more.

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                1. re: aser

                  We tried out their dim sum yesterday, was very satified with most of our dishes.

                  - jumbo har gow dumpling $4.80, nice and plump/fresh shrimps, beautifully done
                  - chicken feet w/ peking sauce $3.80, nothing special, except seeing my 3 yr old son eating it for the first time was shocking

                  - king crab meat (soup filled shao long bao) dumpling $6.80, steamed nicely, but not quite enough soup inside

                  - pork celery bean curd crepe $3.80, basically a roll of bean curd, nothing special

                  - baked eel fish puffs $4.80, I'm a big puff pasty fan, this was one of the better ones. I probably would've preferred it to be a bit sweeter, but that's a personal taste

                  - chinese crispy pan cake $3.80, not really a pan cake, more of a dough cake filled with green onion, pork and jelly and topped w/ sesame, it was ok

                  - cuttlefish tentacle w/ 5 spice $4.80, the freshest I've had in a long time, while not as well spiced as OMei's

                  - egg tarts w/ swallow's nest $4.80, you get 2 small sized ones here, w/ a small amount of nest just thrown on, nothing special

                  - tea $1.20 each, very good quality iron buddha

                  Final bill was $39.80 plus tax/tip, very nice ambiance and attentive service (but we were there late afternoon and only 4 other tables were there). As others have mentioned, presentation is not as fancy as Empire Court or LWH/LTH, but we will definitely go back to try more dishes. Can't wait to try their dinner sometime too.

                  1. re: Royaljelly

                    Happy holiday Royaljelly,
                    Glad you liked it. Hay, we ( skylineR33, yourself and myself ) can try their dinner for our next mini-chowmeet?! Did you check out whether they have a set dinner for 6?

                    1. re: Royaljelly

                      I was there on Christmas day again, try the scallop xo sauce rice roll next time. It has become my favourite for dim sum, the cuttlefish is stellar, one of the best in the city.