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Nov 17, 2008 02:35 PM

Heritage Turkey in the Baltimore metro area?

Anyone know where I can find a heritage turkey for Thanksgiving? I live in Baltimore City, but am willing to go out to DC/NoVa if necessary.

Also, does anyone have any experience with heritage turkeys? Is the roasting method the same or do they require something different due to their unique flavor profile? Usually I brine and roast according to Cooks Illustrated.

Thanks for the help, Chowheads!

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  1. Springfield Farms north of the city.

    I don't know if they have any left or not, but you can ask.

    1. There was a story on WYPR this morging about heritage turkeys. Most places will probably be sold out at this point but they gave links to the farms.



      1. yea hate to say it, but if you didn't place a reservation at a place like Springfield back in the summer, then you are probably out of luck. They grow as many as they need, I don't think they do any extra. Birds went to the processor yesterday BTW, for those of you who are waiting.

        never hurts to call though. I bet some people are no shows.

        1. Someone recently posted about these turkeys at Maple Lawn Farms with very good reviews. We are going to give them a try this year.

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            The Maple Lawn Web site doesn't say that they're sold out. But I haven't ordered from them, so I don't know.


          2. Try Gaylord Clark of TWO OCEANS SEAFOOD and CARRIAGE HOUSE FARMS

            1 410 415 5846
            don't know what if any thing he may still have,but it is a local try