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Nov 17, 2008 02:03 PM

Visiting Atlanta for the first time!

Hey everyone,

I'm a big fan of this site but this is my first time posting. I'm heading to Atlanta mid-December for business/pleasure.

I'll be staying at the W Perimeter and was wondering if anyone can give me some tips on some good dining near by? I'll have Friday, Saturday, Sunday to myself and am looking for some delicious options for every meal.

I've read in the boards that Atlanta has a good tapas scene and since Barcelona is my favorite city, what would be the best place for good authentic tapas? What about local favorites that you can't get anywhere else?

Any suggestions?

Thanks for the help.

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  1. For tapas, one of my favorites is Eclipse di Luna. They have a couple of locations, one of which is on Ashford-Dunwoody near where you are staying. They have a great variety of tapas and are very authentic unlike some local places. Don't miss the sangria!

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    1. I'm assuming you will have a car?
      Depending on traffic you are not that far from Buckhead, and it all depends on what you mean by "near by?"

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        Work will provide one until Friday afternoon but after that I haven't decided if i need to rent's the public transportation?

        1. re: USCTrojan211

          Not great, although the hotel is not too far from the Dunwoody MARTA stop. They'll get you to and from the station if needed. On the train you can easily get to Buckhead and Midtown. Other than that, you'll need a car for more options.

      2. You should probably hit Cuerno, which is in Midtown:

        1. Take MARTA from Dunwoody, south.

          Arts Center Stop: Table 1280 at the High Museum, Peachtree & 15th. Lovely room, decent food, great bar. Trois, Peachtree & 14th, cool bar, southern twist on classic french. Thai Chili or Tamarind Seed in Colony Square, Peachtree & 14th.

          Midtown Stop: Cuerna or Beleza, corner of Juniper & 8th. Ecco for italian noshing, excellent wine, 7th and Cypress.

          North Ave Stop: Baraonda, casual Italian. Top Flr, funky, cool, hidden gem, Ponce & Myrtle. MF Sushi Bar, best in town, Myrtle & Penn. Dogwood, excellent new Southern, Peachtree & Linden.

          Have fun, good luck!

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            Not too far from your hotel (in fact i'm sure that the W shuttle could take you there) is a Vietnamese Fusion place called Com. It is really unique. My wife and I go there all the time.

            1. re: aka frank

              Thanks for the help. Those sound good!