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Nov 17, 2008 02:01 PM

NH cookie tour

Has anyone ever done this?


I'm thinking of going next year and was wondering if anyone had feedback.

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  1. Did it a few years ago. It's a blast. Go hungry.

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      At the Enfield, NH Shaker Museum in December:

      Cookie Fair

      Select from 100 different varieties of homemade cookies – festively arranged for the season! Sold by the pound.


    2. We have done the Inn to Inn cookie tour. It's a fabulous weekend with really good cookies...they give you the recipes. If you like seeing country inn's all dressed up in their finest holiday won't be disappointed. Although I think the price was $25. pp when we went...even then it was a little steep.

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        They offer packages for overnight stays that include the ticket. Also, you don't have to eat all the cookies or stuff them in your pocket, they give you a bag now. The inns are beautifully decorated.

      2. Thanks everyone...I'll plan on it for next year.

        1. The Windsor-Mt. Ascutney Chamber also does a similar event just southandover the river. However the Windsor event isa cookie, fudge, and confection contest. All entries are for sale after the judging. Other activities include the arrival of Santa, and the town tree lighting....Rudy

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            Actually, judging by your post about the event itself, it's nothing like the New Hampshire inn to inn tour. The Vermont one is a contest for anyone and held in one location. In NH, 15 or so inns participate, and each opens its doors to visitors and offers cookies and sometimes other goodies. You tour the inns, which are all decorated for the holidays. It's over two days, so you can take your time and do some one day, others the next. And you collect recipes (and decorating ideas) at each stop.

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              The cookie contest is just a piece of the event. Part of the event has always been a Holiday house tour of the historic homes in the region. Most noteably those associated with the Cornish Artists Colony. At each house there are cookies and other refreshments such as hot chocolate, hot apple cider, etc, music of some sort and having the fine historic homes decorated for Christmas. The houses run from as little as 5 to as many as 15. These are mostly private homes, and the opening to the public is entirely at the consent of the owners. In addition to the holiday house tours, there is the tree lighting, cookie/confection contest, santa coming to town etc. There is also a cookie swap done by the Windsor Public Library. All the events are normaly coordinated for the same day/weekend by the downtown program. I was just promoting the Chamber aspect as that is the org. I am most involved with.....Rudy