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Nov 17, 2008 01:38 PM

Popcorn "Toppings"

Okay I am under self imposed House Arrest, been working way too much and much in need of a day away/off so with the hubby out of town and the day off from work I am doing my MacGyver eating deal...making something out of the scraps in the kitchen...cannot bear the store. I found a box of TGIF potato skins a friend brought months ago in the freezer, whipped up a batch of sambal sour cream to plunk on top, took a little taste...super sour checked the date...sour cream expired! Tasted the "skins" on their own...not gonna work out between us. I have eggs, could go there but I found some popcorn...thought I would turn to the hounds and see what they adorn their popcorn with...kinda open to anything but tend to prefer savory snacks to what is your "pop secret"?

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  1. I am popcorn fanatic, I must eat it at least 3 to 4 times a week.

    My favorite way: I spray it with olive oil,(you know those nonstick spray cans) then a generous helping on Parmesan cheese and garlic salt...sometimes I might sprinkle on some oregeno....think I will have some after dinner tonight!

    1. I bought some powdered white cheddar from Cabot just for this purpose!

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        I love the powdered Cabot! That stuff is awesome! I put more than a healthy helping on the popcorn and regret every speck that falls to the bottom of the bowl. The cats, however, consider that their treat. My latest addition is to sprinkle the popcorn with bacon salt after a thick application of Cabot. Seriously good stuff.

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            Yay, Bacon salt! I just got a bunch from and had to try it on popcorn, since a review said it was so good. Yep, it was!

      2. Sometmes I tossed my popcorn with a handfu of grated parmesan cheese!


        1. Chili powder & a little salt. Well, OK, and butter.

          1. Parmigiano-reggiano! Maybe with some butter and black pepper.