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Nov 17, 2008 01:38 PM

Moving to Tennessee

We're about a month away from moving to Crossville, TN, about an hour west of Knoxville on I-40. We haven't stopped in Knoxville and have tried only a pretty good Mexican place in Crossville and the usual national chains (Cracker Barrell, Applebees, etc.). As we're going to be spending, probably, the rest of our lives donw there, I'd appreciate some input so we don't waste a lot of time and dollars eating lousy food. We do everything from fast food to elegant, depending on the occassion. We're going to miss some of the really good prepared food at the local markets here so would appreciate any tips on that also.

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    1. You're about 25 or 30 miles east of Cookeville, a respectable size college town with some promising places. I haven't been in years, so my info is out of date.Look on these boards -- I found two postings from this year.

      Crossville as you know is a resort and retirement town, so there are bound to be some treasures.