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Nov 17, 2008 01:30 PM

Venue for an office christmas dinner

Hello everyone

I am working on arranging our annual christmas holiday dinner for our office and would appreciate some assistance with reccommendations on a good restaurant for the event.

Here is the criteria:

1) It must have seating for a party of 15
2) they must have some way of doing separate cheques
3) It would be good if there was parking onsite or nearby
4) It would be great if it was somewhat close to a subway line
5) It would be great if there was some type of entertainment or the food is interesting . E.g one of the last places we went for dinner was red violin which had live latin music which was pretty good.

6) As for the type of food, would be interested in something other than the regular chain restuarants like Jack Astors, Caseys, Milestones, Kelseys Boston Pizza etc.

Thanks in advance everyone. I look forward to reading your suggestions

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  1. How about Harlem? It's not far from the subway, and parking is as close to the restaurant as any other restaurant in the core. Food is interesting. Sometimes they have live music upstairs. It's good comfort food.
    Colborne Lane has "interesting food", but may be too expensive.

    1. Almost all establishments can do separate cheques...the problem is that with 15 people with an average time of 2 minutes to process each cheque it consumes a server and the party for 30 minutes. For the server they can't service your table nor anyone else's. For the party it may seem like it is taking forever to get out of there as most people pay when they are ready to go and have their coats on and are wondering what are earth is taking so long.

      But most places can do it. Let them know ahead of time when you are booking your reservation (and please make a reservation)

      1. There's live entertainment and salsa dancing at Alleycatz near Yonge & Eglinton, near the subway and green P parking nearby. Can't vouch for the food as I haven't eaten there.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Look into True Restaurant in Yorkville. Organic food, nice people. I'm sure separate cheques aren't going to be a problem. Close to subway but I don't think there's entertainment.