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Nov 17, 2008 01:23 PM

help in H-town

Business trip to Houston this week; I'll be in the vicinity of the 610 loop at San Felipe (1700 west loop south, to be precise). Any good chow in the immediate area? I'm driving from Hobby to the aforementioned location via 45 to 59 to the loop....I don't have beaucoup time, but I refuse to succumb to fast food. (except for Taco Cabana, but that doesn't count!)

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  1. Best bet is to head slightly north on 610 to Uptown. Several restaurants up there that are pretty good, and there's variety. Good luck. If you have a particular pref., just ask.

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      Oh, okay, my OP was rather general, wasn't it? Any suggestions for good-to-great Thai, BBQ, indian, killer tex-mex, or funky ethnic near west loop & San Felipe?

    2. That's not exactly a funky part of town. For awesome Pakistani head out 59S to Hillcroft and Himalaya. Best bbq in the area would be Luling City Mkt on Richmond; a little further away, Goode Co. on Kirby. Best Tex-Mex (upscale) - El Tiempo Cantina on Washington or Richmond - the family of Ninfa Lorenzo. Lebanese - Cafe Lili on Westheimer.

      Check out for maps and reviews.

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        Merci mille for the link. Exactly the sort of thing I need!

        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          I second CCbob56 and recommend Himalay. It;s a little ugly when you go in, but the food is the best. Amazing they can turn out such authentic and flavorful in such an unexpected little restaurant. I like their lamb curry and the bryani

      2. Himalaya. Tell Kaiser John Scarborough and other chowhounds sent you. Its a 10 minute drive with little traffic.
        There is a Jimmy Wilsons seafood right around there that can be good. Its right at San Felipe and Sage not far at all.
        For thai you would need to go to Vieng thai on Longpoint. Its 10-15 minute drive and can be slow but the Thai is the best I have had in Houston.

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          Thanks, hounds, for the recs. I've filed them away for future reference, as I'm sure I'll be returning to the area. Ended up at Cafe Annie on San Felipe--I had a nice hoja santa salad w/roasted poblano peppers, and a corn soup w/tomato salsa, as well as a sweet plantain tamale w/caramelized pineapple (though the accompanying coconut ice cream was far too sweet).

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            Cafe Annie? nice! I hope you were able to expense the dinner. Next time, for a cheap lunch and what in my opinion is one of the best restaurants in Houston try Himalaya. It's a pakistani restaurant, it's cheap, and it's ugly, but my other foodie friends will agree, it's one of Houston's best.

        2. cafe annie is always a good option. and so close to your area.

          for mexican, just head down the freeway to bellaire and head to pico's. 610 south (from san felipe) and about a 5 minute drive west on bellaire. real mexican. the best!

          1. as a houstonian displaced in savannah, ga for over 7 years (and mexican food addict) i am having way too much fun thinking about houston restaurants for you :)

            another great one to try is hugo's on westheimer. it's not really galleria area where you'll be but it's easy to get there. take 610 south to 59. take shepherd north to westheimer. it's just a few blocks east on westheimer (towards montrose).