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Dec 8, 2003 04:06 PM

Christmas Day?

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As most restaurants are closed on Christmas, I was wondering if anyone knew of any good choices for a great meal on Christmas Day. Southern options in OC are fine.


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  1. we are looking as well - so far McCormick & Schmitd's are all open throughout the southland and some hotel restaurants.
    Let us know if you find anything.

    1. had a really nice brunch at Schatzi on Main last year in Santa Monica. No fixed menu and the omelets and food was better than expected and service very sweet.

      1. I think the French 75's will be open for a nice French Christmas day meal.

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          ha, ha. Great minds think alike! I was wondering the same thing... if it was possible to get a decent restaurant meal on Christmas Day.

          If anyone knows a French bistro in LA open on Christmas Day, let me know!

        2. Ah. I'm glad you're in the same boat I'm in. You've got several options in OC. My family (of 6) is going to one of the OC hotels for dinner: The Island in Newport, The Ritz Carlton Laguna, or the St. Regis.

          The St. Regis is a buffet for $95. The Island is a 4 course dinner at $110. And, the Ritz is a 5 course menu at $150. We're most likely going to the St. Regis buffet. The St. Regis is also offering a sit down dinner in one of their restaurants.

          You didn't specify which meal, but if I remember correctly, the Ritz and St. Regis have brunch seatings.

          I haven't actually had Christmas dinner at any of these places, but I'm sure it'll be good.

          1. As mentioned in another post, Chinese food restaurants are generally open on Christmas day, if you are open to that kind of food.