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Nov 17, 2008 12:59 PM

Taking My Rabbi to Lunch

I'm taking my Rabbi out to lunch tomorrow in Glendale. Doesn't have to be kosher (we're reform) - but can't be Mexican. Any suggestions? Todah Rabah! (Thanks!)

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  1. Langer's Deli at Alvarado and 7th west of downtown adjacent to MacArthur Park. The best pastrami on rye in the country, arguably. Start with a cup of matzoh ball soup, and share an order of crinkle-cut fries extra-crispy.

    If you need to stay in Glendale, either Portos bakery for a Cuban or other sandwich, potato balls, and sweets. Or Zankou for rotisserie chicken and their amazing garlic paste on pita. But it is worth the short drive south on the Glendale freeway to Langer's -- the deli is on the S/E corner of 7th at Alvarado, the validated parking lot is one block east on the north side of the street.

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      I love Langer's as much as anyone here, and it is my favorite deli in L.A., but why even take the drive? Unless your Rabbi has never been to Langer's, Billy's Deli in Glendale on Orange (opposite Sears) is a more than respectable deli choice. Very good pastrami & corned beef, a nice homey atmosphere, and convenient for parking & walking. Plus you can walk to Portos for dessert afterwards.

      1. re: Briggs

        My 2 cents:

        Why take the drive to Langer's? Because the Rabbi deserves THE BEST pastrami the U.S. has to offer.

        1. re: Briggs

          Oy Gotenyu! Please, please don't take him to Billy's. It is the deli you would go to if you have no other choice!!!

      2. Just curious: Mexican ruled out b/c of lard?

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        1. re: RicRios

          Lard is what makes good Mexican food....great.
          No getting around it.

          1. re: latindancer

            Curiously enough, native Mexican food had nothing to do with lard.
            And even when the first Spaniards came, they brought their olive oil - based cooking habits with them.
            It was only when the Inquisition decided to "smoke out" the marranos that lard became compulsory in the New World, and then it stayed.

            1. re: RicRios

              I'm well aware of the Spaniards and all the 'education' they brought with them.....and as I said and I'll say again, lard is what makes Mexican food great. Of course there are those restaurants that don't use it but it's not the same without it.

          2. re: RicRios

            Mexican is out only because he doesn't like it....

            I wonder if there are some other good options in Burbank?

            1. re: Bakeryguy

              "Mexican is out only because he doesn't like it.... "

              LOL! Much better than lots of Yiddish jokes I heard recently...

              1. re: Bakeryguy

                If he doesn't like Mexican, would Middle Eastern be out as well? If you're willing to go to Burbank, how about Studio City? At least Art's Deli on Ventura Blvd would do the trick if deli were the best option.
                There is a great little lunch spot on Verdugo on the border of Glendale and Montrose called Frank's Famous. Cute decor but a bit casual as you order at the counter but they bring it to your table. Great selection of sandwiches, quiches, soups, chili etc.

            2. Skaf's Lebanese Cuisine
              2 reviews - Write a review
              367 N Chevy Chase Dr
              Glendale, CA 91206
              (818) 551-5540‎

              1. You didn't mention 'deli'...not sure why responses seem to lean that way but have you tried Far's a very nice local restaurant with a variety of choices and very good service.
                Portos is great but sooo packed at lunchtime with a noise level that leaves much to be desired for visiting.