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Nov 17, 2008 11:58 AM

Polish or Hungarian Food in the Puget Sound Area?

I'm looking for a restaurant or restaurants that specialize in Polish food. I am in Tacoma, so I don't mind going north to Seattle or south to Olympia (or anywhere in between) to get there. I'm also on the lookout for Hungarian food, but I realize that's a pretty long shot. I have tried the Chicken Paprikás at the farmers market here, and that is quite good (but it's never quite as good as Mom's, is it?).

I am pretty open, so if there is a place that just has some Polish selections, that's okay with me.

Thanks a million!

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  1. The only Hungarian food within miles (besides my own kitchen):

    Budapest Bistro
    12926 Mukilteo Speedway

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      How is this place? From the 2004 Seattle Times review it looks sort of pan-Middle European, a la Danube Bistro in Bellevue.

      1. re: equinoise

        It is pure Hungarian and nothing else. That review may have been before the place changed owners - it used to be called Terezia's Hungarian Deli.

        Elizaveta runs a very small operation, with a handful of tables, and food is chosen from buffet-style hot trays. She makes home-made Hungarian hurka & kolbasz sausages, and has a variety of Hungarian products, from dried noodles to paprika and pickled peppers. The food is very authentic (I should know, I'm Hungarian), though she can get a bit heavy-handed with the salt. She also makes to-die-for traditional pastries.

        Stuffed cabbage, savory meat pancakes & gulyas, yum!

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          We ate there just last weekend. She has branched out to offering some German specialties as well. We both had a very very good wienerschnitzel with red cabbage and spaetzle for $ 11.

          1. re: MillCreek

   the big question is: PORK or VEAL wienerschnitzel?

            1. re: Lets_eat

              Pork. Fork-tender and with a light crispy breading.

    2. Dom Polski?

      Dinners on Friday after 7pm, Sundays 1-4pm.


        George's Delicatessan at 9th and Madison has awesome polish sausage and is a pretty authentic Polish selections.

        1. It's more a deli/grocery store than a restaurant, but George's Delicatessan at 9th and Madison is awesome. Get the polish sausage and take it home to grill, or get a sandwich there.

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            Seconded. Also the only source I have seen in Seattle for a bottled mead selection, if you are into that. Decent central European Wines, too. Some can be a great deal.

          2. Not really a restaurant, but worth checking out for Hungarian food:

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                Yes, great sausage though more Balkan than pure Hungarian. Now the sausage maker that used to be on Western Avenue under the Ravenswood "L" station in Chicago, that was Hungarian. But middle European food is not in vogue so finding good examples isn't easy even in Chicago, least of all Seattle.