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Nov 17, 2008 11:57 AM

Dallas/Plano NY/East Coast Big Fat Egg Rolls

So... unfortunately egg rolls have slowly become more like spring rolls. I am looking for a good old fashioned (some call them NY or East Coast) egg rolls. They are jam packed with yummy red bits of pork and sometimes shrimp, too. They are stuffed with cabbage, etc. The skin of the roll is thick, crispy, bubbly and bumpy (more like wonton skin) with multiple inside layers that are more doughy and chewy . They are usually served with duck sauce or sweet and sour. Anyone got a clue where they serve um'??? I live in Plano but would be willing to travel to the ends of Dallas and back for an old style egg roll!

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  1. Thai's just east of the intersection of Montford and Alpha in Dallas.........

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      Thanks for your reply. I am curious about the Thai place having the old style egg rolls, but I am going to try it. Thanks!!!

    2. You might try BistroB in Garland. I've never personally tried them, but they seem to be a very popular takeout item there. These are definitely not spring rolls.

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        actually the eggrolls at bistro-b are very similar to spring rolls. they are not what you're looking for. They are packed with meat tho...very very very good...4 for $1 at the counter.... recommend them with the house sweet and sour.

        If you are looking for a big fat eggroll, try hoho chinese in Richardson - Plano Road and Arapaho. Family owned place with great eggrolls. handmade every day. Have also had them from Chef Chu as well....couple locations, sure you can google them. :)

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          That sounds like what I have been looking for. I looked Ho Ho Chinese up in GuideLive and am looking forward to a good old fashioned egg roll. Thanks!

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            I tried out Ho Ho China, close but not what I was looking for. Thanks for the suggestion and I'll keep looking!

        2. You might try the convenience stores or supermarkets for that style that you are referencing. I personally dislike this style but I know they have them in the popular spots like Panda Express - Chicken Egg Rolls.

          I believe Thai Tanee has the spring roll wrappers not the wonton wrappers like you want. They did the last time I was there which was about 3 months ago.

          1. Most of the Thai restaurants in Dallas serve large egg rolls.