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Nov 17, 2008 11:49 AM

Farmington Valley (CT) Restaurant News/Gossip

Feng's, the quite good Hartford Asian restaurant owned by the Ginza group will be moving into the space previously occupied by Terra at the Shoppes at Farmington Valley in Canton. This new Feng's incarnation will not have as big a bar as the Hartford location and will have Teppan cooking tables (I'm not a big fan). If the non cooking table menu is as good as Feng's Hartford, this will be an excellent addition to the Valley restaurant scene. The other restaurant in the same shopping center, Simmer, has also gone out of business. Rumor (unconfirmed) is that Billy Grant (of Bricco and Grant's -- West Hartford) is considering putting a new restaurant in that space. If it's true, the two eateries will be a big upgrade for the Shoppes. Stay tuned.

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  1. It certainly would be. And don't foo-foo the Teppan cooking tables. Ginza probably does the best job of all the recently opened ones. The food is excellent at Ginza as well as Feng.

    1. Also in the Valley, Abigail's (formerly Pettibone Tavern and before that,
      Chart House) opened last night in Simsbury. No word yet on quality of food and service but they are open for dinner the rest of this week and for lunch and dinner starting next week.

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        A coworker went last night, not a foodie at all,but she loved it.
        They shared chopped salad, crap cakes, and brushetta trio. They enjoyed all of it and said that it looks beautiful inside. I wish them luck.

        1. re: Tinkerbelldee

          My wife and I went to Abigail's on Friday night and also had an excellent experience. It looks terrific although we do miss the old colonial feel. On Tinkerbelldee's co-worker's recommendation, I had the crab cake appetizer and enjoyed it...lots of real crab. My wife loved the spinach salad with its light dressing and "just the right amount of cheese." I had a scallop/shrimp entree with risotto that was quite good. Star of the night was a pumpkin cheese cake....light and smooth as silk. Our waitress said the dessert chef was formerly with Billy Grant. Nice lineage...

      2. That would be a big boost to the Shoppes. Ginza and Feng are two of the best restaurants in the area. I moved to the Avon/Canton area a few years ago, and it seems to be a tough restaurant town. Now if we could just get the Cookhouse to open a location somewhere in the Valley.......