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Nov 17, 2008 11:38 AM

Restaurants Near Knox-Henderson (Dallas)

Hi all-

We're in Texas over Thanksgiving week and I need a recommendation for dinner. We are having drinks at Victor Tango and would like to eat dinner nearby.

I've been to Hibiscus and would like to try something else. We are considering Trece but I'm reading mixed reviews. We're open to all price points and all types of cuisine except for Italian and steaks since that is plentiful here in the midwest. We have a car so anything near Knox-Henderson would be fine. Thanks!

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  1. Minnesotajane, you picked one of the most restaurant-intense areas of Dallas (and nary a chain). On Henderson, there's Hector's (which I actually prefer to Hibiscus -- I'm not cool enough for Hibiscus), Cafe San Miguel, Soley, Sushi Axiom, Tei Tei Robata Bar, and The Old Monk, to name the places I prefer (yeah, the Monk is a bar, but they have great mussels and frites). The Porch and Cuba Libre are popular, but I don't much go for either. A nice romantic place just to the east, on Greenville, is The Grape, and up Greenville less than a mile is Cafe Izmir. At 75 and Mockingbird, is Central 214 (in Hotel Palomar). On the Knox side of K-H are, in addition to Trece, Cafe Madrid and Ziziki's (and a few chains), Adelmo's is there, too, but you said no Italian. All of these places are within about a mile of VT (some are walking distance). I don't think you would go wrong with any of them.

    1. Across the street from Hibiscus is The Porch. The one time I tried to go - several months ago - it was too crowded and the wait time too for me, but on that note, I've never heard a bad word about it other than maybe being a little pricey for upstyled comfort food.

      Notably: brisket sliders, tomato soup and grilled cheese, roast beef sandwich and short rib stroganoff, mac/cheese and the cole slaw and lastly, blueberry martinis.

      Since I do not have first hand experience, you can google "the porch" for additional reviews.

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        OK! So now I've heard from someone who doesn't care for the Porch! ;)

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          You can count me in as skipping on The Porch. I saw the chef do a demonstration last year at the State Fair. That is all I needed. In previous years I have seen some very good demonstrations from III Forks Chris Vogeli, chef at Mortons at the time. All very good. The chef at The Porch was unprpared and very sloppy....not serious at all. With that impression I don't want to go down to K-H and spend $20 a plate for sloppiness and food I could have prepared at home with better results.

          My favorite in the area is Cafe Madrid. Nice relaxing atmosphere and great sized plates for sharing or making a small dinner out of.

          La Duni is also a favorite. I would skip the East side of K-h and head over to the West side. Abacus, La Duni, Cafe Madrid,Taverna (Italian) are all on the West side of 75/Central. The only place I would venture into on the East side is Tei Tei Robata bar.

          1. re: LewisvilleHounder

            WOW! Well, sloppiness is one thing I seriously doubt that they are serving...... You don't get such great raves and reviews if the food isn't pretty good. Still, it's trendy, young, hip and relatively new on the restaurant scene, so time will tell.

            But, like pizza said, don't go there expecting a 5-star dining or ambiance experience - that is not the intent. I'm surprised why anyone would put them up against III Forks or Mortons. C'mon!

          2. re: CocoaNut

            But it's from someone who has never eaten there. I've never had a bad meal or experience at The Porch.

            [quote]OK! So now I've heard from someone who doesn't care for the Porch![/quote]

        2. Thank you both for the suggestions! Everything looks delicious and I think we'll probably go with Tei Tei. I've always wanted to try it but haven't been able to yet. And I think it will be a nice change after all the food from Turkey Day!

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            Not sure what type of 'scene' you are into but from what i heard of Victor Tangos it leans toward the 'cheesy side' if you know what i mean. It might also be pretty 'dead' around happy hour time and more crowded late night. Personally i think The Porch is a great place to grab drinks and 'bar food'. I would never go there for a culinary experience but i do enjoy the grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup. If you enjoy different beers, go to Old Monk or Capital Pub on Henderson. Also, if you need a gelato fix, head down to Natsumi after Tei Tei - which by the way is an excellent choice for Sushi.

            1. re: pizzaQTpie

              Thanks pizzaQTpie for the recs. We're headed to VT b/c we have a family member who works there and wanted to check it out while we are in town. Not looking for a big scene or anything- just want to have a couple of drinks and then head out for dinner.

              1. re: minnesotajane

                Opps! Sorry I dissed VT's. I did hear the drinks are really good - same owner as The Porch and they are big into cocktails!

                1. re: pizzaQTpie

                  No worries :) Thanks again for the recs-- will definitely try Natsumi after...yum!

              2. re: pizzaQTpie

                I did VT the other week at happy hour and it was about half full with worky people.

                My issue with The Porch is the 45 minute wait minimum. I don't wait that long for "ok" food.

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                  Ha ha- love that you are replying to this. Of course we would find each other on Chowhound. Can't wait to see you next week and redeem ourselves after that horrid night at Kenichi!

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                Tei Tei is great! be prepared to wait most evenings. I love Taverna on Armstrong between Travis and Cole.
                It's busy too. But, all the restaurants in the Knox-Henderson area are very busy most nights.

              4. I second the recommendation for the Grape. Excellent food, lots of local ingredients, good wine list and just a short hop away to Greenville Ave.

                1. Villa O on the west side of Hwy 75, across from Trece, where the Samba Room used to be. Ate there last night. The chef surprised us with an off the menu course, which was a jumbo prawn wrapped in angel hair, deep fried and served on a bed of chilled orzo with mint. One of the best courses of my life.

                  Everything is organic, and the atmosphere, especially at this time of year, is really homey and comfortable.