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Nov 17, 2008 11:11 AM

driving to palm springs from LAX...what to eat around 9pm?

looking for recommendations for something worth stopping for... mexican? burgers? sushi? looking to make the meal count... low or high end, just delicious and open for business between 9 and 11pm... somewhere on the road between LAX and Palm Springs... please help.


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  1. You could search the In-n-Out website for locations and hours along that route.

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    1. I'd call ahead for hours, but Ravi's India Cuisine in Colton (off the 215 freeway, next to the junction w/ the 10 freeway) has good Indian food. Hole in the wall place but reasonably priced, very good Indian. It would be roughly 1/2 way between LAX and Palm Springs.

      1. In Fontana, less than a block north of the 10 freeway on Sierra Ave., you'll find one of the Gallo Giro locations, and it's open 24 hours. Very casual (order at the counter) but decent taco/burrito/torta joint with good frescas and a nice little selection of baked goods.

        A bit past Palm Springs, there's an In-n-Out at the Ramon Rd./Bob Hope Dr. exit. I believe that it's open until 1:00 a.m. (1:30 a.m. weekends). They'll sometimes give you the most-beautiful-looking cardboard sticks (a.k.a. french fries) that you'll ever see. Alternatively, have another burger instead!

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          There is a SHERMAN'S Deli in Downtown Palm Springs, adjacent to the Hilton. I do not know if they are open late. The 10 is filled with every possible fast food place you can think of. If they do not have an In N Out where you live, they make great burgers. Nothing frozen or premade. I like mine animal style, grilled onions., They also have great shakes.

          Close to the Palm Springs on the 10, is an A and W, I think it is at the Cabezon Casino exit.

          Good Luck.

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            By random coincidence, I went to that In-N-Out around 9pm on the 17th.

          2. If you take the Hwy 111 exit to Palm Springs, on the left, a few blocks before town, is a place called Billy Reed's. I think they're open til 11 or midnight. Huge place, good not great food, cocktails if you like. Expansive menu and worth the tariff.