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Nov 17, 2008 10:55 AM

Has anyone tried Cancun Mexican Rest. in Johnston, RI?

Last night, my husband and I went to Don Jose on Federal Hill and were really disappointed. The food was lack-luster and luke warm. And the service was terrible. I haven't found any really great Mexican restaurants here in Little Rhody. Has anyone tried Cancun yet?

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  1. Is this a chain? I saw a sign on route 3 for one in MA

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    1. re: luci

      No, it is a family owned restaurant on Rt.44/Putnum Pike in Johnston, RI.

    2. Haven't heard of this place? Try EL Tapatio for some great mexican in Cranston,(Atwood Ave.) They are opening another location in the Wickford area too!!!!

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        I agree. We tried this place one night when we could not get into Mikes Kitchen. The food was yummy. Drinks were delish and the bill was not to bad. Excellent home made chips and Salsa. We'll be back.

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          I totally agree! We've even gone there for take-out.

      2. I've been by Cancun a number of times, but since I haven't heard of anyone who has been there, I am a little nervous about trying it. But in the scheme of RI Mexican restaurants, how bad could it be?

        1. I have had take out on one occasion and then went back with my wife and 3 year old son twice. Each time both my wife and I enjoyed the food very much (but we aren't food critics either). The service was excellent each visit. I would recommend this establishment to anyone who enjoys Mexican. i felt that the prices were reasonable, especially for the quantity of food received. And always end on the deep fried ice cream.
          First dining room visit was unique. At the end of our meal, the fire alarm went off and the place evacuated. We could have easily left without paying for our meal (like several others did). Instead we waited out the inspection, went in and paid our tab. Funny thing was, my wife noticed a fireman picking up takeout just as the alarm went off. He proceeded to get people out and then check out the situation.
          Again, I would recommend!

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          1. re: hockynut

            We just went there for the first time last Saturday. The waitress said they'd only been open for 2 months.

            Not bad at all. Wish that there had been more regional dishes and had hoped for them, but this is RI after all. But then again, El Tapatio doesn't have anything from Jalisco.

            We've liked El Tapatio in the past, but last time we went there the food wasn't as good as it had been.

          2. I ventured here last night with my mother...who is generally terrified of non-american food but was willing to give it a shot. we LOVED it. mom tried (and loved) guacamole for the first time, which i never thought i'd get to see. the service was excellent - friendly and attentive without being overbearing or irritating. the quality of the food was great, and the portion to price ratio was just right. we left satisfied but not completely overstuffed after dinner, tea, and a split fried ice cream dessert, for $32.