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Aida's on Queen East gone?

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This wasn't a good day for takeout. I drove some distance into Toronto from Scarborough to pick up a Montreal smoked meat sandwich at Jody's on Kingston Road above Queen E. It was closed. The sign on the door said the reason was "a family emergency". I was sorry on more than one count, then headed for nearby Aida's on Queen just east of Woodbine. I couldn't find it! Does anyone know when it closed, and if it's relocated anywhere nearby?

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  1. It closed some time ago. Another falafel joint opened in it's place and it appears to have closed as well. Next time, if Jody's is closed, grab a schnitzel at Grumble's on Main, just south of Danforth. Great sandwich, very relaxing, kitschy atmosphere (full of quirky toys and always playing classical music)

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      Grumbles is my favourite deli - I'll go there. The European staff are delightful and I kinda like the kitch, in an an area like the Danforth where most retail outlets are bo-o-o-o-ring. I settled for a panzerotto at Panzeroffo Pizza on Kingston Rd. just east of Victoria Park Ave. that bakes them for me instead of deep frying.

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        Awesome! Let us know if you find any other east end delights. It sure is a dry patch in the city.

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          It certainly is a dry patch. One place I visited today for the takeout jerk chicken special for about $4.95 was JJ Jerk, north side of Kingston Rd. just west of Midland Avenue. The portion I was served was lunch today and will be dinner tomorrow night.

    2. looking for good local falafel myself; but i CAN tell you that Danforth Roti Shoppe (N side between Dawes Rd & Victoria Park) is pretty darn fine for Roti.